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Saturday, 15 March 2008


Today was a LAZY day that turned out to be a GREAT day…After coming home from the gym I felt extremely tired, it was @ this time that I was reminded of the physical activities that I partake in a few minutes before heading to the gym. I felt especially calm AND easy coming off a CRAZY week @ work and looked forward to hanging out with my friends. This was NOT our typical MOVIE, STARBUCKS & DINNER day, this was a day where we just focused on the MORE important part of our socializing, that encompasses just coffee AND us. It ALWAYS surprises me how much I learn about my friends from the various topics that we discuss, I get to see the vulnerable side of them which is quite rare. I LOVE the range of emotions that they invoke within me, not that it is ALL about me…it is just nice that I get to connect with them in this way. I am ALWAYS grateful for the memories that we create, just think next year this time so things will different…LIFE WOUD HAVE MOVED & THINGS WILL CHANGE YET REMAIN THE SAME…NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I KNOW THAT I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL FOR A DAY LIKE TODAY…THANK YOU GUYS & I LOVE YOU!

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