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Thursday, 02 February 2012


For a long time, probably since birth, we're told that real men are this tall, this wide, this muscular and with this posture. Real men grill, they don't eat tofu. A man's man knows that the steak is king on plate not the salad. A guy's guy only works on the outside because he's strong enough to tackle what's inside on his own. But, what about you and I? We're men. Real men that may not fit all of this characteristics.

Often what's seen on the outside is a reflection of what's happening underneath the skin. But this isn't always the case. A fit person doesn't always have a thin frame and rock hard muscles. A lousy fast food diet isn't always a fast ticket to extra pounds. Besides, I may consider a fast food diet as lousy and you may love it. Good nutrition can be seen a number of ways outside of the body, but doesn't always equal a standard physique.

Now, for the purposes of this entry I am not defining a man as masculine or being a top instead of a bottom or being into sports instead of theater. (I am going to get into how you feel about perceptions of masculinity and femininity). I'm interested now in how we as men who like, love and have sex with other men value how guys take care of their complete physical health. How do they deal with what goes into it? What do they do about the outside? How do they take care of themselves when things go wrong? Do they care at all? Do you? 

So, let's hear what's happening inside of your ideal man's body. Moreso, how do you like your man to take care of himself? 


  1. I like men who look good, I like big muscles. I do not like guys who obsess over healthy eating. I love food. Junk food, fast food, steak and yes salads. Food is ALL good. And I think someone who had really strict diet restrictions would drive me up the wall. Vegetarian... no way. I have friends who ended up with vegetarian partners which tends to make them vegetarians for the most part against their will. So I like a guy who takes care of himself, takes the time to look good, but not having his life revolve around how his body looks.

  2. I like my guy to let ME take care of him.

    Regarding body image, we've both packed on the pounds this past year; mostly due to the intense stress we are both under and some due to indulgence and laziness. Though my man worries (unnecessarily) that I might up and leave him because of his expanding belly, I freely admit how liberating it is to be in a secure relationship and not have to be constantly preoccupied with how I 'look'.

    We plan to get back into shape this spring but in the meantime, sex has never been better and there's just more to latch onto. :>)~

    He is MY man, there is and will be no other.

    1. SO nice that you and he are in a good place, LOVES IT!

  3. I love somebody that makes a healthy diet a part of their life. I don't need them to be big muscles, but if you eat well, workout and do sports (and not just basketball/football, but tennis soccer, or long distance running) Fitness and general health is important, and I find a man that values those in his own life very sexy.

  4. I do like a masculine partner, but that is not a prerequisite in fact I'm more so attracted to someone that has a good snse of humor, independant, caring and understanding. Good face and fine body are only a plus. Personality is a ten across the board.




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