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Monday, 18 June 2012


Spring cleaning is an odd tradition with foggy origins. Many people trace it back to the fact that, in North America, due to our changing seasons, the warm spring was seen as a time to get rid of all the things you hoarded to keep you cozy in winter. With the temperatures rising across the nation, and spring coming this week, now may be the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning of your own. However, because we are not 19th century housewives who have to wait for the springtime to get all our good cleaning done, we may not follow the old spring cleaning rules. Also, as our lives have gotten ever more complicated, so has spring cleaning. Here are a few ways to keep the spring cleaning process as simple as possible, but applicable to all aspects of your life. 
Technology is one of those aspects that those who began the process of spring cleaning could not have anticipated, but it’s at the forefront of most of our lives (including you reading this article). How do we incorporate technology into spring cleaning? 
Delete people you don’t speak to from Facebook.

Do you have ex-boyfriends on Facebook? Does it make you sad or angry when you see their statuses or pictures on your wall? Sometimes it’s time to take that step and delete them. It may seem immature, but it saves you a lot of little day-ruining moments. If deleting is too bold for you, try the new “unsubscribe feature” which allows you take their items off your food while still staying friends. This rule also applies to current boyfriends’ ex-boyfriends, old friends you haven’t seen in years, or those acquaintances who post inflammatory statuses that you always disagree with. 

Unsubscribe from some newsletters.

It seemed worthwhile at the time, but you don’t open all those emails you get after it took you only ten seconds to sign up. Most of these emails have an unsubscribe button at the very bottom in the fine print. Use it. 

Delete old apps from your iPhone.

If you have accumulated a ton of apps, you can do 1 of 2 things: 1) consolidate them by putting them into a categorical box together on your phones interface, or 2) delete them altogether. If you miss them that much, you can download them again in the future. This may also be a good time to get rid of Scruff or Grindr if you feel that they’re keeping you from having a real conversation with someone and not a torso. 
You can also take your spring cleaning time to dust the cobwebs away from parts of your life that you haven’t addressed in a while. Most people think spring cleaning is all about getting rid of the old, but spring cleaning is an awesome way to improve yourself, as well. To clean up your life a bit, why don’t you try some of these: 

Dust the cobwebs off some old friendships and see them—in person. 

Remember when people used the phone instead of texting? Phone up an old friend and go see them for coffee. You’ll be thankful you did. 

Donate some clothes.
You have to clean out your closet. Don’t throw those clothes in the trash! Bring them to a salvation army or thrift store and let those clothes have a second life. Just make sure to wash them first. 
Read a book.
Go throught your bookshelf, or bookpile on the floor, or wherever you keep your books. Divide them into two piles—books that you’ve read and books that you haven’t read. Make a plan to read the books you haven’t and either donate the books you’ve read and don’t want or start a book swap with friends—swap similar-length novels with friends and discuss them later! 

Spring cleaning is definitely a time to strip away the old things from your life, but make sure you don’t just do it for the sake of throwing it out. Every time you do a spring cleaning, you should do it with a purpose in mind. This year, make spring cleaning about making a better version of you!


  1. Great ideas! The one regarding hooking up with lost friends is always good! Great post, buddy!

    1. Thought this was a good thing to share on the blog, glad you approve.




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