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Friday, 14 March 2008


I awoke from my slumber with you in mind,
Trying to find…
And where you are
I didn’t find you in his eyes,
Nor were you between his thighs.
I think I felt you with his touch…
You are a traveler in the strange land of mind?
Stranger than strange
You creep into my soul
Like a lifetime of LOVE
Build into my dreams
Inside becomes the outside
Through the wonder of my mind
Caught in the middle of nowhere
In the beginning of the beginning
And in the middle of the middle
To the end of the end
And everything in between
No more lost in a dream
For you are beyond what it is
And what it seems
For in the darkness is born my light
Out of my darkness comes my sight
Blind visions…
Moral decisions
No more denials
I have renounced my shadows
They are what once was
Now banished by the light
That turns to my soul
And found that FOREVER,
Is LOVING him everyday…
© tgk

1 comment:

  1. The notion of being with someone forever may seem very hard to grasp and comprehend.Some may even feel that it is impossible.Call me a hopeless romantic or say i'm not a realist but for me forever is possible.
    I know that the man I am with now that I Want to be with him forever and I know this goal is attainable.I know that this requires effort and hardwork and I am willing to do what it takes to ensure that happens and I know the feeling is mutual. So are we going to be together forever. U SURE BET!!!!!!!!!




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