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Sunday, 16 March 2008


A man once told me that I am one of GOD’s LIGHT source and as a LIGHT source I have here to heal AND restore. As I pondered this notion I have come to realize that he was right…I FEEL THE ENERGY, A SYNERGY BETWEEN ME & ALL ENTITY and as a LIGHT source I feel that I am here accomplish something BIGGER than me. I remember when I used feel incomplete AND empty until I realized that there was NOTHING big required of me, I was MORE than enough. HOW COULD I NOT BE? 

As I live my life in this world, I share my energy AND spirit with those around me in numerous ways. My LIGHT touches their lives and, through them, touches the lives of many more people. I strive to live my live to the fullest and be TRUE to myself. I do NOT believe that I am here to make headlines OR single-handedly save the world in order to validate my existence…MY LIFE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH…I am just here to teach others to look within their hearts AND discover what is true for them, what gives their lives meaning and what excites them. 

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  1. A man was born free by God’s Will and, being free he can contribute in continuing God’s Master Work. He will protect the Earth from the Enemy’s destructive behaviour by accomplishing the greatest thing in the world to make the Earth a peaceful place where everybody will live in respect of others regardless of the various nations and faiths. This is God’s wish.

    How man can use the energy given by his Mighty God? By accomplishing God’s Will to help any person who needs support, compassion, love in God his Creator, without judgment. Man will be invited by focusing his effort where he thinks it will be the most suitable.

    Man is validating his existence by behaving in accordance with the desires of God. Teaching others by his conduct is one of the most wonderful desires of the Creator.

    Yes, your LIGHT is certainly a fantastic untouchable tool, from which each of us should take a lesson to fulfil our time on this Earth where we are. In doing so, we can really achieve the wish of God. We should always focus on that, otherwise our existence would be in vain.

    Congratulations and let’s hope that others will be inspired by your article.




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