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Monday, 30 April 2012






American pop/rock band Train have selected the feel-good track "Drive By" as the first single from their sixth studio album, schedule for release in 2012 via Columbia Records - After the group's unexpected commercial success with the "Save Me, San Francisco" album and especially the single, "Hey Soul Sister" in 2010, no wonder Train are feeling confident to press forward with a new era. The new single "Drive By" got released on iTunes on January 10th, 2012.
"Drive By" by Train is currently (week 18, 2012) in the HOT100 Billboard charts at position 11. The Drive By lyrics by Train is displayed below.

Sunday, 29 April 2012


Any progress in life meets difficulties on the path of attaining anything. It’s those difficulties that sharpen the mind and resolve, to evolve and work through them. The more intelligent way is to seek the scriptures of love and life that are within, using an awareness of life that also has complementary, positive answers. Thinking and relying on someone else’s thoughts, especially from an ancient life style, is the easy way compared to actively meeting the challenges that sharpen the ‘knowing heart and mind’.


"The subconscious is like cream, if you don't stir it, it stays at the bottom"

Mwaalkebu-lan Akili

Saturday, 28 April 2012




"That's the Way Love Goes" is a song by American singer Janet Jackson from her fifth studio album, janet. (1993). Released as the album's lead single in April 1993, the song became Jackson's biggest number-one single ever in the United States, staying atop the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks, in addition to winning a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song in 1994. To date, the single has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

"That's the Way Love Goes", written and produced by Jackson and
1974 number-one R&B hit "Papa Don't Take No Mess".[1] As the
lead single from janet., the mood was a stark contrast to her previous album Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814.
In 1994, the track earned Jackson her second Grammy Award for Best R&B Song, and was also nominated for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.
Since then, the song has been covered by Norman Brown'N SyncChantay SavageDeborah Cox, and Brownstone.
Jackson performed the song as a medley with "If" at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards; the audio recording of which appears on the limited edition double disc edition of janet. A remix of the song entitled CJ FXTC Club Mix & CJ FXTC Bass Hit Dub appears on her 1995 remix album janet. Remixed.
Jackson has performed the song on all of her tours, including the janet. TourThe Velvet Rope TourAll for You TourRock Witchu Tour, and Number Ones: Up Close and Personal.
On April 1, 2009 "That's the Way Love Goes" was ranked number 427 on Blender's list of The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Thursday, 26 April 2012


You are either or in the shade where answers are hard to see. Most of the world is in the twilight zone having little clue beyond what they think they have about who they really are, and what’s going on to put them into the illusion box of beliefs, doubts, and fantasy’s. The world has become a fantasy for entrepreneurs who know they can make money from it. Theme parks, lottery’s, casino’s, sports arenas, Hollywood and it’s illusion machine, politicians, broken or crippled marriages, and religious salesmen all are in it for the money. Of course, it’s more than that as there is some enjoyment to it. ‘Skating on thin ice’ is the way of the day. Hoping, dreaming without looking, and getting the true insights into life and love. It’s a technological dream world, where inventions are falling from the sky.
What happened to that major human era of the ’60’s and ’70’s where people were free? Unfortunately, it is LONG gone and has been replaced by the ‘dream for the ‘shadow dwellers’ who continues to be gullible to infinite sales pitches while putting off of finding the reality of how they are apart from all the ‘dream catchers’ catch for attachment. This world now seems like NO place for those with heart N’ soul and challenges keep increasing, and gobbling up the energy needed to focus on building the inner life of love. None of us are, in truth,  just the movie goer, sports fan, gambler, addict of this and that, and yet that’s who most have come to see themselves as, or at least how the outside observer sees you. Slipping and sliding in the ‘twilight zone’ of illusion leads to slipping into the dark side of love, and life away from into the light of positive, conscious living. Counting on a God, while not being a full time assistant, is walking into the dark. Every step toward the light not only enhances you but all of life. You owe it to life to light your life up.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


A while back ‘Project Runway’ mentor and  new co-host of “The Revolution,” Tim Gunn, dropped jaws everywhere when he revealed that he hasn’t had sex in 29 years….and he’s totally okay with it.  To me what’s fascinating about this revelation is not the self induced celibacy; it’s that Gunn admitted exactly how long it’s been.  

We live in a society where sex and lots of it is everywhere and very much a part of our lives.  From porn websites and politicians, to reality shows and advertisements, sex sells and big time.  So in a world where sex is practically everything, where do you fit in if you aren’t getting any?

Of course not everyone is going without sex for 29 years, but I know people who act like going without it for 2 days is a sign of the apocalypse.  Many people lie about how active, or not, their sex lives really are, no one truly wants to admit that more often than not it’s just them in the bed at night…if that.  For his part Gunn’s decision to refrain from sex was actually a reasonable one, Gunn claims the decision followed a difficult breakup and is partly “psychological.” He cites health, and fear of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.
According to Gunn:
“Do I feel like less of a person for it? No!” he said. “I am a perfectly happy, fulfilled individual.  I am happy to be healthy and alive, quite frankly.”
But let’s face it, no matter how practical and rational his reason, Gunn is in the minority.  Not too many people are trying to go 6 months without sex, so 29 years??  Yea no.  Most of the time if people go long periods without sex it’s not totally by choice; they probably just haven’t found anyone they find attractive enough to give it up to.  I tip my hat to Gunn because I personally went two years straight without sex in college and let me tell you, there was nothing fun about that right there.  Nothing.
What’s The Longest You’ve Gone Without Sex?


We have made it to the end, or have we? I am going to be completely honest here and say that I have known who the winner was in season 2 and in season 3. I also knew who the Top 3 were this season from the beginning OK I’LL ADMIT IT! But you have to give me props for not outright spoiling it for everyone. Now while I HAD heard from a couple people that Phi Phi O’hara was declared the winner, I had also heard that they left all three hanging and were going to do a live finale. I was confused about that because let’s face it, I don’t think RPDR is at a budget to do a live show. It wasn’t until I saw Kenya Michael post on her FB today that she got her dress for the reunion show that I KNEW they didn’t have a winner. How did I know? They usually film the reunion weeks after the show, so for them to not have done it yet was fishy for me.
Who was right? I WAS! After 13 weeks, intense competition, tons of drama…we still don’t have a winner. I’m going to give a BIG kudos to RuPaul for this because while I do love knowing everything before it starts this is REALLY exciting! WHO THE HELL IS THE WINNER?!? At this point there is NO winner…and the reunion is next week! It’s. So. Freaking. Awesome.

As with all finale episodes, the big challenge was to film a music video for RuPaul. They premièred it two weeks ago so we’ve all seen it and it’s fabulous. What we saw tonight was how it all came together. Living legend CANDIS CAYNE was the guest choreographer and she gave them something extremely simple to do. Unfortunately Sharon couldn’t get it. Was this the moment? Does Sharon choke…?
Phi Phi on the other hand was great. Not only did she get the choreography, but her performance with Ru was fabulous as well. Is this who deserves the crown?
Chad…Chad Chad Chad. Chad was fine, but Chad was just very beige for me as he has been for the second half of the season. But he has been incredibly consistent throughout the season, will he win?
WHO KNOWS! I think any of them have a good a chance to win and it’s really up in the air. If RuPaul bases this STRICTLY on fan votes, it’s going to Sharon, but that’s not the case. I have this theory that RuPaul will never ever chose a winner that will be more popular than him. Take a look at the history, Nina, Jujubee, Pandora, Manilla are all essentially the most popular from the past seasons and none of them are winners, because they don’t need it just like Sharon won’t need it. Sharon is going to be famous for the rest of her life.  Let’s face it, this show is essentially a big ego boost for RuPaul and he makes it very obvious. My guess in all honestly is that Phi Phi will win this season. Phi Phi can paint for filth, her looks are always great and she’s a solid performer. Also her performance on this final episode was pretty much perfect. A lot of people don’t like Phi Phi and I get that. She has been a bitch this season and she is not apologizing for it. The really unfortunate thing with that though is that if Phi Phi does win, she will be the least liked winner they’ve ever had. If she wasn’t such a bitch during the entire run of the show she would’ve done very well for herself. Sadly she decided to play it this way, not hating just stating the obvious. You catch more flies with honey than with piss and vinegar running through your veins.  I don’t think Chad really has a chance at winning at all, this contest is between Phi Phi and Sharon.
So there you have it, if I hear anything during the week about the winner I’ll be sure to post it. Otherwise we’ve got one more week.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I’ve seen this scene play out in real life countless times–from issues of cheating, to being unable to commit, to lying–and it’s ALWAYS left me shaking my head. If you knew what your relationship is/was from the beginning, why overlook the truth?
Do you think when people get into relationships…can they really handle the difficult truths? In relationships, do we REALLY want the truth?

Monday, 23 April 2012


Relationships aren't on everyone's radar. And even if they are, many guys stay open to hooking up on the path to whatever they are looking for. Meeting guys for random fun can be a wonderful thing or a complete disaster depending on what you do before, during and after hooking up.

The next time you plan on meeting someone, go over this list of do's and dont's to avoid a total calamity. First time or seasoned host, there's something to learn for 

DO: Be Yourself
I'm the most charming guy in the world when I get to know someone. But, when I just meet guys (in-person or online) I'm king of awkward. In most cases, there are only a few seconds to seal the deal. One wrong word or disastrously geeky move could easily kill the vibe... or so it seems. Reality is, short of setting his shoes on fire, not much you say or do will turn him off if he's into you. You'll either vibe with him or not and the awkwardness may be what he's attracted to. Another crazy reality is most gays come out of the womb waiting for someone to choose us instead of the other way around. Use this to your advantage. Whoever you are, whatever you look like and however smooth or awkward your personality, see the situation as your choice and your chance, not his. When you're the real you the focus shifts from what you think you're doing wrong to whether if he'swhat you really want.

DON'T: Exaggerate
If you're online and claim the movie Anaconda was based on your love stick but your assets are more like a garden snake, you'll only look like a moron in the end. Be honest! If you haven't broken a sweat since 6th grade gym class, you're probably not athletic. Similarly, chances are you're not "just looking for friends" if you're cruising for an hour long meetup. Most of us don't lie on purpose; it's just easier on the ego to try and anticipate what other guys want. It's not uncommon to try and read their minds and portray ourselves as things we're not. But, we're most confident when we're direct and honest. It's better to be upfront, state exactly what you're looking for, and keep to exactly who you are.

DON'T: Have Expectations
Okay, this may seem contrary to most things I say on this site, but expectations shouldn't be confused with confidence. Expectations are false hopes that often lead to disappointments. Expectations on your way to a hook up can be a fiasco. Our imaginations are wonderful things, but can lead us to annoyance when we start creating scenarios before they happen. You're not a fortune teller nor can you predict how things will go down, so why build it up? Avoid the regret by going into the situation with an open mind. This puts you in a better position to adjust to potential setbacks or successes.

DO: Have Fun
Go into it with the idea that you're there to have fun, not invite him to Thanksgiving or prom. Although hookups can be, rarely are they the basis of a long term relationship. Even if you think the guy is the best thing ever, only the future will tell if the connection is lust or love.

DO: Ask for His Sex History
Hey, would you give a stranger the keys to your car and tell him to do what he want with it, just bring it back whenever he's finished? Not a chance! Odds are you'd laugh out loud at the idea of risking your insurance premium, your transportation and any other unwanteds for someone you just met. So why take the chance with sex? At least you can get another car if something went wrong, but our bodies are ours until the lease expires. Ask him if he hooks up frequently or if he's into barebacking. Takecondoms with you and see if he has some of his own. A little reverse psych works here, too. Ask if he likes it raw. It's crude, but gets to the point. Chances are he won't know if you're asking to feel him out or if you are into it, so the answer is most likely honest.

DON'T: Feel Shame
There's nothing to be ashamed of. You know what you like and you (hopefully) know your body and self well enough to keep it safe and still have fun. Learn from the experience. See if it's right or not-so-great for you. Shame and guilt do nothing but distract you this perpetual journey you're taking to figure out who you truly are. Instead, take this time and experience to get to know yourself, what you like and dislike. There are no explanations or justifications needed. Protect yourself first, because not everyone has an interest in keeping you safe. Then decide if hooking up is for you—once, occasionally, all the time or not at all.


Rapper Flo Rida teams up with Australian singer Sia in his new single called 'Wild Ones', taken from his forthcoming album 'Only One Rida (Part 2)' (2012) - The American MC sticks to his winning formula and has created yet another club anthem! 'Wild Ones' is catchy, it's got a huge epic sound, Sia makes the hook interesting and different, and although the single may have somewhat of a less mainstream appeal, I have no doubts 'Wild Ones' will eventually become Flo Rida's newest global smash.
"Wild Ones" by Flo Rida Featuring Sia is currently in the HOT100 Billboard charts at position 6. The Wild Ones lyrics by Flo Rida are displayed below.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


“Parents are our blessing; parents are our burden.”  Whenever I make a new connection with a gay individual one of the questions I usually ask is if they have told their parents that they are gay and if so how did their parents react.  I am amazed at the variety of responses that people share.  The reactions from parents are varied, insane, and are as numerous as the drops of water in the ocean.  Some parents could care less about their child’s gayness- they were hippies in their own time, believe in free love, and just want their child to be happy.  Other parents completely ignore the idea that their child is Gay- they know it but they don’t acknowledge it. These parents just try to convince themselves that everything is going to be ok as long as they never talk about it.  Some ultra Christian parents plead the blood of Jesus all over the place and pray that their child is “healed” or “delivered” from being gay.  The angry parents try to force their child to just stop being gay and frown upon or even forbid certain mannerisms, clothes, or anything else they deem “too gay.”  My mother’s way of dealing with my coming out to her was convenient amnesia.  She acts like she forgets that I’m gay.  Some parents experience a combination of the aforementioned responses and the child must deal with their reaction accordingly.  As a parent, no matter how you respond to your child’s coming out one thing I know for sure is that you can never “Un-say” any negative statement once you have said it.  Spoken words are concrete.  So I offer the following advice to parents.  
Think before you speak.   I understand that you are worried about your child, you fear the bullies in the classroom as youth and in the board room as adults.  I realize that the gay life for your child is not the plan you had for them.  I know that you are worried about depression, HIV/Aids, and perhaps their souls or relationship with their faith.  I know that in your mind you have their best interests at heart and are concerned about what people will say.  I’m sure you question the idea of grandchildren.  I get that you are confused and lost because you have no idea what it means to be gay.  You have watched too many news stories, read too many articles, and have held too many prejudices to try to be content with your child’s gayness.  I know that you are hurt, upset, worried, afraid, and confused.  I also know that you love your child and that one day the love for your child will strengthen you to see past their sexuality.  When that day comes your relationship with your child will be hindered because of the negativity you spoke.  Don’t speak rashly, think before you speak!  Think of the courage it takes for them to live their truth.  Think of the worry, the guilt, and the fear that your son has had to overcome as he tries to figure out if you will still love him.  Imagine the thoughts that he constantly endures as he wonders if he is allowed to come to family functions and how he will be treated once there.  Close your eyes and visualize him crying every night beating himself emotionally because he doesn’t have the power to change who he is.  Picture him begging God to change him.  See him trying to figure out why he is being punished.  Think of how alone and afraid he is as he determines that the very people who should love him unconditionally seemingly don’t.  Put yourself in his shoes and think of how you would feel at his age having to tell your parents the same thing.  Think, feel, and imagine your child’s pain, grief, and worry.  It is pathetic that we live in a world that would rather see someone sacrifice their own happiness so that others could feel better about themselves.  

Moreover, it is sad that some parents have expressed more hate to their children than a stranger ever could.  If you have already talked crazy to your child please remember exactly what you said.  Not what you intended or meant- REMEMBER WHAT YOU SAID.  Remember how you said it.  Remember the moment you said it.  Unless it was positive, unless in substance it reflected unconditional love and acceptance you were wrong.  If you said anything mean, hurtful, or hateful to your child- you were wrong!  If you have ever called him a sissy or worse yet a faggot-you were wrong!  If you ever told your son to stop walking a certain way, or saying things a certain way- you were wrong!  If you ever allowed a family member to berate or belittle your child- you were wrong!  If you ever told him that God hates him- you were wrong!  If you ever told your child you did not or would not support him in this “lifestyle”- you were wrong!  If you called him nasty or unnatural- you were wrong!  If you told him that he needs to be straight and change- you were wrong!  If you told him that being gay is a choice- you were wrong!  As a parent your job is to love your child.  Your job is not to like or even agree with everything they do but it is your job to love the way no one else can.  It is wrong to hurt them and say you are trying to protect them.  Love is patient.  Love is kind.  You are wrong if you purposely hurt someone in the name of love.  Your words cut deep and cannot be taken back once you have said them.  I do suggest you apologize and pray that they forgive you.  Unfortunately, while they may forgive they will never EVER forget- they always remember what you said, how you said and when you said it.  Speak responsibly.  1Luv, DL 


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