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Wednesday, 15 August 2007


WHAT ARE YOU HIDING? Is it that you like anal sex? That you like to have sex with women and men alike? That you are dominant? That you like to be tied-up? TELL ME, WHAT SEXUAL DESIRE WOULD THE BEWITCHING HOUR FIND YOU SATISFIYING YOURSELF? 

It is a fact that WE all have a SECRET SEXUAL SIDE that is kept hidden from others and sometimes ourselves. Nonetheless, occasionally that other persona creeps out and we find ourselves with an itch that has to be scratched no matter what we do or say. Wouldn’t it be nice if WE could really exercise OUR sexual desires in OUR way? Wouldn’t it be easy if OUR life were just for US to live and not anyone else’s?

We are forced to live a life seeking OUR sex in the dark and it is such a shame that the world cares about with whom I get horizontal. There are so many blocks and dark turns on the road to SEXUALITY that it makes us live a double life. It seems to me that sex and sexual matters are the last taboo in our society. It is one of those things that pushed down, aside AND is covered up. Often times, people REACT vs. ACT and they never realize it at the time. Hence, the moment we decide not to give into OUR SEXUAL DESIRES that is when we need to. No matter what others think about SEX and the things that come along with it, this side of us has a life of its own and there is no stopping it. SO WHY NOT OWN YOUR SEX & NOT LET OTHERS TAKE CONTROL? 

We human beings are covering the parts of ourselves that we have in common, but do not know it because we are too busy hiding from it. We are all a part of the NORMAL and ABNORMAL part of the SEXUAL REALM, whatever GUILT comes from the ENJOYMENT of SEXUAL PLEASURE should be honored and not seen as something horrible. Therefore, those that EXPRESS RESISTANCE really wants to find out what really is going on but are too afraid to find out. But resisting a part of who you are or think you could be will only continue to haunt and taunt you. I read somewhere that ‘Both traditional masculine socialization and patriarchal historical arrangements suppress OUR need for emotional connectedness and self-disclosure and limit the sexual and intimate scripts available to US in society.’ I immediately thought about how I was told as a child that if I TURNED GAY that I would be KILLED. I knew that this is a factor in why so many of OUR SEXUALITY does not develop past the infancy stage, we just cradle it and when it is released, it causes a world of harm.

OUR SEX is just that, so when we ALIENATE it we abandon ourselves. Thus, the concept of SEXUALITY is a term that used to describe the troublesome feelings and faulty ideas that is experienced because of a lifelong limit on SEXUALITY. Hence, this affects ALL of us in both direct and indirect ways having adverse effects on the social structure of society. This is why we have the deviation of common sense when it comes to HOMOSEXUALITY. Sex is OUR fundamental right to express ourselves in ways we would not ordinarily be able to. We feel restless from the constant sexual fantasizing and sexual thoughts due to US not being able to exercise OUR purpose. Hence, most resort to MASTURBATION, PAID SEX, RAPE or MANIPULATIVE SEX. This is the reason why happily married or single, powerful or ordinary folk risk personal, marital, and occupational stability and happiness. 

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