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Tuesday, 14 August 2007


IT IS OUR DIVERSITY THAT MAKES US THE MOST POWERFUL & FEARED PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET. Nonetheless, I wonder why is that MEN that are seen as EFFEMINATE are treated as RECEPTACLES for MASCULINE MEN that deem them UNWORTHY for any other SEXUAL position. Sex is an activity that should be done with a purposeful pleasure and satisfaction. This pleasure can and should exalt ALL involve to a HIGH PLACE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. SO WHY DOES OUR COMMUNITY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH AN EFFEMINATE INDIVIDUAL USE HIS D!CK DURING SEX INSTEAD OF HIS ASS?

MEN WHO CAN TOLERATE THE SENSATION OF TAKING A HARD D!CK UP THE ASS & STILL RETAIN THEIR MASCULINITY IN THE HEAT OF F&CK SESSION ARE NO LESS A MAN THAN THE ONE PROVIDING THE D!CK. so why does this ACT force US to INDULGE in our own SEXAUL DESIRE by ignoring those that SOCIETY says is not worthy to THRUST his D!CK in an ASS? This way of thinking is destructive, and those that are singled out are paying the price. When SEX is on EQUAL footing the SOUL is charged with a UNIQUE SPIRITUAL ENERGY that fills those involve with such SENSATION and AWARENESS. When in the ignorance of SEXUAL GRATIFICATION, FEMININE MEN are depleted and they fade away.

My belief is that ignoring the FEMS by the MEN that seek SELF-SATISFACTION is as simple as relieving oneself on the toilet. If we look at the animal kingdom, they don’t’ just haphazardly have sex, they only get with the best, brightest and strongest male. Hence, why think so HIGHLY about oneself to believe that, you are the best and some FEM guy is not? SEX IS AN ACT PERFORMED WITH A PURPOSE THAT IS UPLIFTING. THIS ACTIVITY DRAINS THE BODY OF ENERGY THAT REVITALIZES BOTH PARTIES. SEX IS LIKE A GOOD MEAL; THAT REQUIRES EVERYTHING ON THE PLATE TO BE EATEN. WHEN WE ONLY EAT HALF OF THE MEAL WE DEMINISH THE PHYSICAL CONNECTION THAT MEN MAKE WITH EACH OTHER.

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