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Tuesday, 03 July 2007


SEX BETWEEN MEN DOESN’T INVOLVE JUST ANAL PENETRATION, BUT SEXUAL STIMULATION COPULATED WITH VERBAL INTERCOURSE. SO IF A TOP IS GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE, HE’D WANT IT TO BE WITH SOMEONE THAT HE REALLY LIKES AND IT HAS TO BE SOMEONE HE HAS A REAL CONNECTION WITH. So with that said I say A TOP is an individual that is known or seen as the PENETRATOR when SEX is involved between HE and another MALE. I FEEL THAT THIS NOTION PROVIDES MANY MISCONCEPTIONS BECAUSE I PERSONALLY FEEL THAT THE AGGRESSOR’S SEXUAL NEEDS ARE BASED ON THE INDIVIDUAL HE IS GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH. HENCE A TRUE TOP KNOWS THAT ONE-SIDED-SEX DOESN’T PROVIDE FULFILLMENT, IT IS ONLY THROUGH BOTH DOMINANT AND PASSIVE ROLES THAT THIS CAN BE ACHIEVED. It is sad when we live in a place and time that doesn’t afford an individual that is viewed as an aggressor the opportunity to be independent of the labels that is placed upon him by SOCIETY and the GAY COMMUNITY. I feel a TRUE TOP only assumes this role because it somehow, someway demonstrates his manliness. In this instance the notion of MALE/FEMALE copulation is formed and accepted and this is so very wrong because first and foremost they are both MEN and neither has a GOD-GIVEN-VAGINA. So why make the fact that A MAN that wants to be with anther MAN seem like it something more than what we think it should be? A MAN knows what a MAN wants so why label them in order for them to MAKE LOVE to each other? Deep down inside a TRUE TOP needs to understand that if he can’t allow the person he is penetrating to penetrate him then he is with the wrong person. A TRUE TOP knows that no matter how hard he tries he cannot deny his yearning to get his ANAL ORGASM on. But in SEXUAL ROLES we tend to create and foster this energy that lends itself to the same madness that belittles and sees homosexuality as null and void creating a discomfort, lack of openness and resistance to change that prevents a TRUE TOP from becoming a whole man. A TRUE TOP wants equality and shared dominance and it makes perfect sense because we have the advantage of being both the plug and the socket. So why just go through life saying you are just a plug? If an ASS is all that A TOP’S sex is about then he should simply find himself a WOMAN and F&CK her in the ASS. When the rules of a TOP never being dominated are created both parties miss out on tons of enjoyment and are never really satisfied. A TRUE TOP doesn’t want to present himself as an individual that only looks for another that is sexually weaker or another that is sexually stronger. A TRUE TOP wants a MAN that doesn’t have to convince him take his loving because he knows that he is safe and can trust that his passiveness is appreciated and enjoyed. But before this can take place I feel that SEXUALITY on a whole must be recognized and the profound significance of the act needs to be seen as a SPIRITUAL and UPLIFTING one. Hence the al pleasures interpersonal role of sex has to be equally prominent in order to firstly serve the psychological parts of both persons. Therefore boosting self-esteem, validating desirability, releasing stress. However it’s never should be about gaining power and must always be SENSATION-SEEKING and SPIRITUAL FULFILLING. There will be times when a TOP’S SEXUAL AND EMOTIONAL NEEDS WONT REFLECT THAT OF WHAT SOCIETY SAYS HE IS AND WHAT IS TO DO THEN? In this instance he is TRAPPED in role that he cannot and will not be able to maintain; HE KNOWS THAT SEXUAL ROLE DOESN’T EQUATE TO POWER AND BEING A MAN. A TRUE TOP WANTS US TO KNOW THAT HE ISN’T ABOUT BEING CONVERTED OR JUST F&CKED, HE WANTS TO SEDUCED AND HAVE HIS MAN PUSSY WORKED OVERTIME FOR A DICK. A TRUE TOP WANTS US A MAN THAT CAN CHALLENGE HIM AND MEASURE UP TO THE EXPECTATION OF THE SEXUAL EXPERIENCE; REWARDED ACCORDINGLY WITH CUDDLES AND AN ABUNDANCE OF AFTERGLOW.

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