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Wednesday, 04 July 2007


THIS STEREOTYPICAL TERM IS USED OFTEN AND CARRIES A NEGATIVE MEANING; THUS FORCING OUR COMMUNITY TO IDENTIFY OUR SEXUAL IDENTITY BY WHAT THE WORLD THINKS ABOUT US. I am not saying that A BOTTOM is just an individual that is the passive person in a sexual encounter. I am not saying that this individual isn’t more than likely effeminate. I am not saying that this individual is more is just a receptor for some TOP. I AM SAYING THAT THIS INDIVIDUAL DOESN’T LIKE TO BE GROUPED, CATEGORIEZED OR LABELED AS THEIR SEXUAL ROLE. They would rather not be defined by the SEXUAL position they take during sex, hence owning their SEX and not being a segmented part of society. ALL BOTTOMS know that this label hurts more than anything else and this also makes this their permanently role because most if not ALL TOPS refuse to allow anything else. ALL BOTTOMS need the world to understand that this descriptor not only reference sexual role, but represent the behavior as well. However this SEXUAL role is seen as the only way to solidify a TOP’S manhood, so with that said doesn’t that mean that the BOTTOM is more of man than his counterpart? Think about it the TOP needs HIS manliness to become a man. So A BOTTOM needs the world to understand that they are the litmus test and the indicator of how much MAN a TOP is and how well he performs. If one thinks about it logically the TOP only truly gets his jollies when the BOTTOM relax and takes him all in; it as this time that the TOP knows that its all systems GO and the connection has been made. A BOTTOM wants a TOP that takes his time and eases his way into him; in the words of ALEXYSS TYLOR, THE PENIS IS CODED WITH INFORMATION AND IT KNOWS WHAT IT HAS TO DO. Hence in pornographic films it is easy to detect if the PASSIVE individual is enjoying himself by reading his body language. Most MEN are not MEN they are just what the world made them, I would go as far as to say that they are not owning their sexuality and just trying to take it from another. A BOTTOM wants a TOP that is willing and able to allow both of them to try both roles. Most TOPS argue that ANAL SEX hurts and it’s uncomfortable but if someone allows you to bring that to them why can’t it be reverse? This AQUIRED TASTE is an activity that requires a lot of mental and emotional connection. But why make a person feel he is less than because he decides to get F&CKED? Isn’t the SEX ROLE DIFFERENT but EQUAL? I’ve met men that said they were TOPS and flipped their roles, loved it and then ran like hell because they couldn’t deal with the fact that they were on the receiving end of a D!CK. A BOTTOM only wants the world to recognize that SEXUAL ROLE is NOT a correlation with in physicality or masculinity. As a person that has BOTTOMED and will do again, I have to wonder why we label SEXUAL ROLES as TOP and BOTTOM. Why can’t we just view SEXUAL ROLES as a continuous spectrum that map onto OUR continuous SELF DISCOVERY? What happens when a BOTTOM gets with another person that is PASSIVE? Does this mean that they don’t like masculinity? Isn’t masculinity the same as machismo? Hence doesn’t this mean that this is a learned behavior? A BOTTOM WANTS US AND ESPECIALLY MEN THAT SEEK TO MAKE THEM AS SUCH THAT IT ISN’T ABOUT WHO IS PLAYING WHAT ROLE OR WHO IS GOING TO MAKE HIM LESS OF A MAN. MOREOVER IT’S ABOUT HOW WELL CAN THEY MAKE A CONNECTION AND HOW CAN THEY ENSURE FULFILLMENT AND SEXUAL DUALITY. SO IN MY OPINION WE NEED TO NOT WORRY OR TAKE ON THE SOCIETAL VIEW OF WHAT A TOP AND BOTTOM IS, WE NEED TO SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS TO SEE TWO MEN DO WHAT ONLY TWO CAN DO WITH EACH OTHER.

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