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Sunday, 06 May 2012


About The Movie:

Loki, Thor's adopted little brother, is on a mission to steal the Tesseract, which S.H.I.E.L.D. had been using to try and created an unlimited amount of energy for the world to use. When Loki succeeds, Nick Fury must put together a team to get it back, and the now dormant Avengers Initiative is put back on track. Combining the forces of Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye, the team must not only retrieve the Tesseract, but also stop an alien invasion into New York. But can these massive egos co-exist as a single group? Or will their games of one-upmanship destroy them all?

What Is Good About About The Movie:

The Avengers is the movie people have been waiting years for. Marvel has done a great job slowly introducing us to the characters through their own movies before unleashing the team in one giant film. Writer/director Joss Whedon did a good job in letting all the major characters get equal screen time. If I had to, I'm not sure I could pick a 'star' of the film because no one character really drove the story - it truly was a combination of all of them. What I found most interesting is that if you has asked me who I thought the biggest bad-ass would be, I would have gone with Thor. But to the characters in the film, the one that was head and shoulders above the rest was The Hulk. Everyone in the movie was terrified of him and his ability to destroy everything in his path. And that led to two of the funniest scenes in the film towards the end of the movie with The Hulk/Thor and The Hulk/Loki. It made me realize though that The Hulk is a great supporting character, but putting an entire movie around him would be difficult - as evidenced by the two not-so-stellar films already attempted. The action sequences are tremendous. The battle sequence that takes over the last 30-40 minutes of the film was truly tremendous and worth the price of admission. Let's face it, there's something really cool about watching Iron Man battle aliens, then having the camera move to The Hulk destroying things, then move to Thor and Captain America and Black Widow and Hawkeye. This movie might not blow you away, but I guarantee you'll come out happier than when you went in.

What Is Bad About The Movie:

There are a couple of twists and turns along the way, but nothing outrageous. There are a couple of times the movie starts to feel a little slow, but I mean c'mon... these are super heroes just hanging around together. 


So overall, I liked The Avengers. There wasn't anything new about it, but combining a lot of super heroes into one movie was always destined to be fun.


  1. I really liked it. One of the best super hero movies I've seen in a long time




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