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Monday, 02 July 2007


I AM A MAN~NOT YOUR TYPICAL THUG HANGING ON THE BLOCKS, NOT YOUR AVERAGE JOE THAT CATERS TO PUSSY POWER, NEVER THE DOPE SMOKING, HOTEL WORKING, DEAD BEAT DAD DRINKING LET’S HAVE A GOOD TIME KIND OF MAN. I AM A MAN, THE MAN…A MAN IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. I have concluded that MOST if not ALL young men are typically the same. They do not own themselves and fall short of mark, leaving themselves open to IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY. These men do such a F&CKED UP job of being MEN that they make my life as MAN rather enjoyable. This is a scary notion, but I LOVE IT to a certain extent because I am not in denial of who or what I am. Sadly these young men are in a category all their own and have no idea that they should not be there. Moreover, the blasphemous thing is that they feel that the have what it takes to convince some young woman that she has what it takes to be with him. Oddly this is so sad because that either means these women are less intelligent than they are or they are just accepting this because they have no self-love. How can a boy grow up into a man thinking that what the world says to him about being a man is true? How can he think that the rappers have the life? All he can think about is the fast life, fast cars and the fast girls. How can he think that what he sees in a porno movie is how a woman wants to be treated? He is totally removed from the real meaning of what sex is about. How can he not realize until he changes his conform behavior, he will never be happy? Deep down inside he knows that he is not connected no matter how hard he tries. He can wear all the baggy pants he wants, drink all the rum he can get and buy the best ride. HE WILL NEVER STAND ALONE AND BE AN INDIVIUAL! Life for him is mechanical and he is made by world day in and day out. His puppet master decides his fate and he just willing allows it. He knows that his life is not appealing for him, but it’s what everyone else is doing so…MAKES ME WONDER WHAT KIND OF VALUE HE PLACES ON HUMANITY? DOES HE WONDER WHAT THE PURPOSE IS FOR ALL OF THE THINGS AROUND US? HOW CAN HE LIVE FROM MOMENT TO MOMENT NOT LEAVING A POSITIVE MARK? HOW CAN HE NOT OWN HIS NEGATIVE ACTION? HOW DO WE LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT? I will tell you how, we see these individuals as cute and doing what is natural to them, but this is crazy and does more harm than good. We have a future where MEN are not MEN they are simply little boys that still play with toys. They wreak havoc on society and drain all the positive energy that is there. They are the ones that get in trouble with the law and mother says, NOT MY SON, HE IS A GOOD BOY. Funny how that works because he had to be doing something in order to dealing with that sort of thing. Why don’t we make these YOUNG MEN responsible for the life they have? Why don’t we make them see that it is not cute to try to get some girls attention and treat her crap if she ignores him? Who is the blame for this all? How can we know that ALL HAS FALLEN DOWN and no one have tried to pick things up? I THINK THAT THE WORLD IS IN TROUBLE WHEN YOU HAVE BOYS GROWING UP INTO MEN THAT ARE A LET DOWN. WE CANNOT CONTINUE LIKE THIS BECAUSE THIS BEHAVIOR IS DESTRUCTIVE AND HURTS THEM MORE in the End, MAKING IT WORST FOR OUR SOCIETY.

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