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Sunday, 01 July 2007


Somewhere between the super-fabulous doors of the clubs and the sometimes-tumultuous world that we inhabit sits an entire community living their lives, in many different ways. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW AND WE SAME-SEX-PRONE INDIVIDUALS WERE ALWAYS NOW; WE JUST DID NOT BELIEVE AND LIVE IT. Now we have entered into our consciousness and one only has to open their eyes and see, open their ears and listen and free their hearts of confusion and accept what is. I LOVE WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND THE WORLD FOR GAY PERSONS RIGHT NOW and the more the issues are being discussed the more it refuses to go away. We have not taken a stand for ourselves, thus the struggle has strangled us. I feel this struggle is just as or bigger than those that fought in the civil rights movement; theirs was more physical and ours is more a moral one. If both group of persons are mirrored the core of each definitely are similar in that we fight with passion for equality and liberty. However, at the same time we have more at stake. Our fight is bigger because this encompasses a vast array of individuals of ALL race and creed that has to fight for JUSTICE, EQUALITY and ACCEPTANCE because we want part of this world. They say we are all about PROMISCUOUS SEX and HIV/AIDS is our punishment for who we are. Nonetheless, we are more than our SEX. Thus times has changed and we stand for things that mean so much more, refusing negative energy and reaping only positive energy. For such a long time being gay has not exactly been easy; relationships with family and friends bear the scars of HATRED & UNACCEPTANCE, thus rendering us a shell of who we are. Nonetheless, our lives went on; funny how no matter what done it did not stop or change what is true. HOMOSEXUALITY remained despite itself making it hard for that MOTHER to accept the fact that she may not have a grandchild. This however pales in comparison to what her son or daughter has to endure because of whom they seek as a partner. They are targeted and denied the simple things in life all because of not being what the world thinks they should be. There are GAY MEN who are beaten within an inch of life mentally, emotional and physically. There are GAY WOMEN whose sexuality is challenge and put to the test because the world feels that they have no right to be who they are. Ironically, the world knows HOMOSEXUALITY exist, but rather act as if it did not in order to live with themselves. We are treated as if we are few in numbers and that we are just strange and odd but that will change. I sense a change; the air is thick with it. Being GAY in this time is unlike any other, we are not retreating and hiding; we are fighting for our rights. Hence, the next generation who know and love us will not be quick to show any prejudice signs; how can they? It is odd for them to wake one day and say, UNCLE BOB IS GAY AND I HATE HIM FOR THAT. Rather they will weigh what they know to be true against what others say is true. This time is ours and one day we’ll have SAME-SEX MARRIAGE and homosexuals wouldn’t’ be afraid of what the world say about them. In this time, we are making the world pick up the broken pieces of that glass ceiling that we cracked years ago. We have thrown out tradition, replaced it with logic and reason, and showed the world little by little that YOU CANNOT HOLD GOD’S PEOPLE BACK FOR LONG. I find it so amazing how anything that the world cannot understand or identify with is the thing that scares them. Why do they ridicule instead of trying to get an understanding of that fear? It is said that TO LOVE ANOTHER MAN IS TO LOVE ONE’S SELF, I say that the world have a problem with self-love; thus, they give us HATE. To LOVE a HOMOSEXUAL person is the only way to love one's self in totality. Each of us in a circle is a reflection of the other and this is the only way MAN can truly see himself reflected in human form. It is through this HUMANITY that we are able to grow, ponder, bond, question, with the result being that we are all one. Loving us regardless of sexual orientation is the epitome of love. So we have to show the world that when MSM & WSW they are not just based on a shared commonality of being SAME GENDER LOVING, but based on what is meant to be. Our connections go beyond the physical, as we are human; it is the spiritual side of ourselves that keeps us. Our spirits are linked together making us two halves-made whole. Our connection goes beyond comprehension and human understanding and it is not our fault that the world cannot deal with that. We are setting the examples and not taking the scraps that life hands to us. THE WORLD HAS TO REALIZE THAT THEY CANNOT HAVE ANY MORAL CREDIBILITY BEFORE GOD IF THEY ARE LIVING IN HATRED WHERE WE ARE CONCERNED. THIS TIME IS OURS AND WE WILL TAKE OUR PLACE IN SOCIETY, WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE STOPPED.

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