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Wednesday, 23 May 2007


A WHORE IS SAID TO BE ANYONE WHO HAS MORE SEX THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON. Hence this term is used loosely to indicate someone who engages in sexual acts that are disapproving and is classified as sexual promiscuity by society @ large. Nonetheless, I am here begging the answer to a question that has been with for a long time and I wanted to know if there is truly an answer. ‘DO WHORES SERVE A PURPOSE?’ I think YES and I can’t seem to comprehend how or why others are so dismissive to persons that are classified as one. I know that there are times in our lives when we are treated very harshly and unfair; and what is so very typical of society is just attach a LABEL or TAG on something or someone simply because there is an OVERWHELMING need to satisfy ones consciousness. Instead of simply deeming someone a WHORE why not find exactly why this behavior exist. Like everything in this life there exist a chief reason; how about WE find out what it is? How about we find out why? Whores serve a purpose much like the SUN gives LIGHT to this planet. It’s been my personal experience and thought that NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE SEX JUST SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY CAN, I’ve come to realize that persons that conduct themselves in such a manner is desperately seeking that comfort from another soul. I feel that they are actively seeking the one thing that makes everyone on this planet feel whole; pure and simple they are seeking LOVE. The crazy thing is that no matter how hard they look for it, it always seems to elude them. I myself have faced pain and my normal response is to find someone or something that can offer comfort, so with US being HUMANS we tend to lean towards someone; especially if we’ve experienced some sort of pain and hurt due to LOVE. But in seeking this LOVE we allow ourselves to stay just for a moment; afraid of what might come our way. Then move on to the next person that seems to possess that which we seek. Sadly this EXPIRATION DATING has no chance of actually becoming anything of substance because this isn’t firmly rooted into anything substantial. And herein lies the problem there is a need for someone to step in @ that exact moment and offer some sort of comfort and get the healing process in place; instead they either turn their backs or further this persons place in the world of promiscuity. I myself seek to do different, I admit that it’s hard to help persons that don’t know that it’s there or care for it; but HUMANS are all basic and we ALL desire the same things in LIFE. I AM PROUD TO BE A PERSON THAT SHUNS LABELS AND THINGS THAT OTHERS USE TO DEFINE INDIVIDUALS. I can’t grasp the concept that we are not counted by society and I feel that this is one area that feeds this omission. It’s a double edge sword that begs for a solution either way it’s looked @. I am just tired of hearing society say, ‘GAY PEOPLE ARE COOL AND OK…IT’S JUST THAT THEY HAVE SEX WITH ONE ANOTHER ON A FREQUENT LEVEL.’ But in order for this stigma to go away persons on both sides of this dilemma has to come together and seek some sort of solution. So to everyone I say, ‘I think until we stop treating gay relationships like straight relationships we will continue to have the same results the dynamics might be alike but the solutions are not. I think we need major consoling on how to have a long lasting relationship because in truth most of don’t know how to with another man.’ I sometime wonder if persons with society realize that are a definite factor in OUR COMMUNITY. We are in a TENDER place and I think that the FRAGILE state of OUR RELATIONSHIPS causes more problems and harm everyone of US; however @ the same time I feel that it has to start with US, we have to show them that we are worth it, we believe in ourselves and we do want a NORMAL and HEALTHY LIFE. SO THE NEXT TIME YOU RUN ACROSS A ‘WHORE’ PLEASE SEE THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO HEAL OUR COMMUNITY AND THIS PERSON.

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  1. There has got to be a purpose for that one. Lunch maybe?




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