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Thursday, 24 May 2007


Is it possible to HEAL PAST SELVES AND EVOLVE INTO A CHANGED PERSON? I ask this question because I’ve come across persons that knew each previously and now they have no desire or feel that they want to be in contact with that person. It’s amazing when I find an individual that says, ‘OMG YOU KNOW SO AND SO?’ and this automatically places a weird feeling in the atmosphere and sucks all the positive energy out of the room. They say change is automatic and the only UN~CHANGEABLE entity in this universe is GOD. So I wonder why we place this on each other, why do we act as if a person can’t EVOLVE and tap into their very own GOD POTENTIAL. We humans contain a fascinating grouping of personalities. Despite this potential, many of us possess similar traits and are all the same in so many ways. Hence I am sure if one places himself in another’s shoes I think they will relate very easily to what character traits they are seen from that individual. Nonetheless, there are some people that choose not to relate, but I wonder if humans could trust in a universe that has a higher purpose for everything, so that on some level there can be a belief that an individual damned by society exist for a good reason. In this instance it may be easy to see and appreciate, but others still offer challenges. In the modern world there are individuals that seek to maintain their very own identity from those that can’t seem to assist in facilitating change in an attempt to become a better person. However these persons are hell bent on making sure individuals are pigeon hold and trapped as who they see them as. This can only harm and hurt us because when this happens we ignore the ties that bind and treat each other in ways that are not acceptable. And no matter what we do or say about another, we can’t ever sever the energetic ties that were ordained by GOD. Ever since the dawn of time man has been able to evolve and continue his dominance on this planet, so why can’t we allow others to evolve? Sometimes we forget how powerful our actions are, and we use them haphazardly or unconsciously, creating stifling energy that does none of us any good. Why not instead of saying something negative about someone from your past, present or future, why not see that as an opportunity to ask that LOVE, LIGHT and HEALING be sent to you and end this negative energy that exists? Why can’t I hear, ‘OH YOU KNOW SO AND SO, HE DID SOMETHINGS THAT WERE NOT PLEASANT TO ME AND OTHERS; BUT I’VE LEARNED THAT I SHOULDN’T DO THE THINGS HE DID AND I SHOULD TRY TO SEEK UNDERSTANDING INTO THIS KIND OF BEHAVIORAL ACTION.’ After all these individuals help us see where we have come from so that we may more clearly decide where we'd like to go. If we can learn to acceptance for people and who they are, then we go out into the world armed with a renewed sense of self and a clear understanding of who we are as HUMANS. So rather than denying our connections, we can choose to accept these individuals presence in our lives. Acceptance does not mean we have to like them; we simply acknowledge that we are connected to them and honor that connection for like it or not, there is a reason. When we can embrace all that they bring into our experience, we can look deeply and see the GOOD that is there. I know it’s hard to embrace these people that aren’t to our liking. But focusing on the things that you don’t like about others only means that you are trying to change the things you don’t like about yourself. After all we are ALL the same and we ALL have struggles; so why not make that effort in helping another EVOLVE? Sometimes what we really need is to encourage ourselves to look deeply into all things in our lives to see the inherent goodness at the heart of everything. At the core of this analysis is the practice of unconditional acceptance, which can be scary because we feel as if we are being asked not to change the things we don’t like. But when we think this way, we are still operating on the surface of our lives. In order to feel the beauty and warmth of full acceptance, we have to be willing to sink deeper into the layer underlying the external manifestation of our lives. This deeper place of being is the origin of all lasting change, yet its paradox is that when we are in it, we often don’t feel the need to change anything. From this place, we experience the pure beauty of the process of being alive, and we see that all things change in their own time. Thus fostering EVOLUTION in persons that WE don’t allow to EVOLVE.

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