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Tuesday, 22 May 2007


I am on a quest to find a conscious man
To find that one God has picked out for me,
The one who just takes my breath away.
I want that spiritual connection,
Where things can be unsaid but understood.
I am looking for my soul mate,
I am looking for someone to stimulate my mind.
The man I search for goes against all odds,
He is himself and not trying to be someone society portrays.
He could be ugly but has a beautiful heart,
He does not have to be a college graduate
But still has book sense,
Common sense as well as street sense.
My warrior will be strong minded
And not be intimidated by my outspokenness,
And can handle it when I let him know he is slipping.
He will not question me and accuse me of not being faithful,
He will know that he is all the man I need.
He will not try to control me,
Think of me as being less than him.
He will appreciate my inner beauty,
As well and respect my mind.
November 10, 2005

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