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Friday, 15 June 2012


We all work out for different reasons. Some of us for health, some of us for beauty and some of us for the wrong reasons. There’s no doubt that we are a media influenced society. Everything from where we live, the words we speak, what we buy and the way we dress comes from some form of media. One aspect of our lives that media heavily influences is beauty, and in a big way.

The “standard” of beauty we are to live by shows up in our television shows, music videos, and movies, and judging by what’s shown on all these mediums, men more specifically gay men have a very specific standard.
They love ‘em with a nice chest, huge biceps, tight abs and a nice bubble butt, among other things.

Many of us spend hours working out our legs, butts, and abs in an effort to meet what we think will make us desirable to men. We all want to look attractive to our potential mates, so, yes, we do make adjustments to our style of dress, habits, etc., but when it comes to our health, it is wrong to workout with the sole purpose of reaching some limiting, gay male ideal of beauty.
Not only is working out for this purpose not a good idea, but you’re harming your mind and spirit as well. You shouldn’t have to make yourself look good just for men to want you. If the body you have isn’t appealing to someone, guess what? Their loss! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and they will see your beauty and love it as is. Work out for you, for what you think is healthy or beautiful, not so you can measure up and be someone’s dream man.


  1. Personally I tend to be very critical of myself. C could really care less if I have the arms I want, or the abs I want. But influenced by what I count as attractive. Nothing wrong with being the best me I can be. Pretty far from that right now. Finding the time to be that hard body.... near on impossible.

    1. Just told Noel how crazy it is that we as people want to look like the airbrush photos we see on a daily basis.

    2. LOL, yet you use those airbrushed photos here;)




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