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Friday, 15 June 2012


SEXUAL and INTIMATE relations between men and women in society are largely reflective of and DOMINATED by the ideology of male SUPREMACY. However, the lines of SUPREMACY and DOMINATION are blurred when men are placed in SEX-SEGREGATED environments. Within this type of environment, individuals may seek sex with others of their own sex. This is known as SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY; proving that NO one is born HOMOSEXUAL or HETEROSEXUAL. This concept begs one to question what constitutes SEXUALITY. Nonetheless, when one talks about SEXUALITY the topic of HOMOSEXUALITY is an AUTOMATIC association. Hence, does this mean that SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY is either a CHOICE or LEARNED behavior? 

When I think of MEN that are in such a position a particular group of men come to mind. This group consists of MEN that are in PRISON for whatever reason are seen as the THUGS and MAN'S MAN. They are placed in a situation where they cannot run OR hide from the SEXUAL activity that takes place all around them. HENCE, DOES SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY COMPEL & MAKE THEM A PRODUCT OF THEIR ENVIRONMENT BY DICTATING & ALTERING THEIR SEXUALITY VIA THEIR SEXUAL BEHAVIOR? Oddly enough, I could NOT get a definitive answer or whether MEN in prison are STIGMATIZED due to their SEXUAL activity with each other. However, due to the SEXUAL climate I find it hard to believe that DISCRIMINATION is highly tolerated. 
The REPRESSION and VIOLENCE against HOMOSEXUALS that is so prevalent within this CIVILIZED society is TOTALLY reversed because SEX in prison is considered as something of POWER. However, I find it EQUALY fascinating that those involved in such activity would frown upon it once on the outside of the prison walls. In many ways, this outlook on the male GAY culture in SOCIETY is NOT a departure from what ideology of the DOMINANT man. In fact, there are elements that would dictate it as his rights to conduct himself in the bashing of such behavior. In this regard, it is my belief that HOMOSEXUALITY strikes @ the consciousness of IDEOLOGICAL society that has no fundamental OR logical reason for why SEXUALITY is OR is not! 
Homosexuality has often been thought of AND seen a device by which MEN DEVALUE each other (ESPECIALLY THE MALE THAT IS IN THE PASSIVE POSITION). Hence, even though SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY constitutes itself as a viable alternative within the sexuality spectrum, it is still shunned. Furthermore, the PERFECT SEXUALITY picture that sits in its cracked frame just makes understanding SEXUALITY more difficult. SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY aside, sexual practices on their own are odd with a GREATER or LESSER degree of what sexually attracts OR arouses us in the first place. Hence, SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY shows that SEXUAL ORIENTATION cannot simply be reduced to SEXUAL practices. Add to this the fact that within the categories of what defines SEXUAL ORIENTATION, there are a wide array of different SEXUAL BEHAVIORS, SEXUAL PREFERENCES and SEXUAL ROLES. With all this variety, it is no wonder that it can be difficult to get a precise handle on what it means to HOMOSEXUAL. 


  1. This is a very tricky one, and probably mostly state-of-mind stuff when you're locked up.
    Most time the men still view themselves as straight. And at least in the situation where it's willingly performed, they (the straight ones) would seek out the gay ones to have sex with. Less drama for everybody. Guards don't like drama.

    1. Just wish how this situation demonstrate how fluid sex and sexuality is.




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