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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Any progress in life meets difficulties on the path of attaining anything. It’s those difficulties that sharpen the mind and resolve, to evolve and work through them. The more intelligent way is to seek the scriptures of love and life that are within, using an awareness of life that also has complementary, positive answers. Thinking and relying on someone else’s thoughts, especially from an ancient life style, is the easy way compared to actively meeting the challenges that sharpen the ‘knowing heart and mind’.

Each difficulty, if passed, takes you to the next step of wisdom. Reading, memorizing, chanting, etc., is merely running in place and going nowhere. Difficulties are opportunities for growth. Doing is not ‘simulation’. Studying how to play football will not prepare you for the reality of being on the playing field with those who’ve learned through hard knocks, and resolve to move beyond them.

The ‘spiritual life’ is for those with the courage to seek the answers from experience while listening to the heart and common sense. All great spiritual people have discovered the intricacies of life and love through joy and pain always seeking the ultimate answer. The answers in life are through living on the edge with awareness. Ultimately, no one can transfer the wisdom they achieved through years of experience, but to point to what worked for them and/or didn’t work. The nature of all growth is not smooth, nor is spiritual growth. Reach upward into the unknown and the uncharted, for growth happens there.

All maxims, and more can be found by you alone. Life is changing, and what worked for someone long ago may have no bearing on what lies before you. Each step up with awareness, and the open heart, is all the scriptures needed for anyone. The easy way is ultimately one of confusion, and doubt that the proselytizers of religion will use every technique to keep you in their flock and ‘on the hook’. Have the courage to find your own path and wisdom. Accept yourself as you are, totally and unconditionally, but don’t linger on the false you while ignoring the beauty inside of the real you. Don’t reject finding out who you really are! 


  1. Ultimately, each man has a personal dialog with The Almighty and He hears you regardless of the location, language or rituals you use to grab His attention.

    My religion does not own me; I don't require it or anybody to tell me HOW to pray, but it is undeniably a part of who I am.

    1. I left my religion @ the age of 18 and I haven't looked back.

  2. I've never had nor wanted any part in any god, religion, higher power, destiny. I'm quite alright with the physical word. I believe in nothing without a tangible presence.

    1. I TOTALLY understand how and why you feel the way you do.




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