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Monday, 10 November 2008


…Give you the right
To blamed others
because you didn’t request it in your life
You don’t get to play the wow is me card
Act stupid
F&CK anyone you please
Just so that you can ease the ache in your soul
Shit you gamble
Way too many times
Now here you are
Weeping like a baby
Invaded by this invader…
A victim of YOUR own victimization
Trying NOT to be
A volunteer
Of a seriously civilized society…
So sad that the memory of you
Is like lost hope tied AND untied
With a little lie
Wonder when they’ll cancel your show?
Say goodbye
Cause it’ll be time to fly
And you’ll be defeated by THIS reality
Defeated by reality
An on going battle
Between the real and reality
This N’ that
You AND me…
But in time you’ll be
Deflated by truth
I ONLY hope that it is NOT too late…


  1. This is very sad... but so true. That's why we can't just be willing to trust anyone enough to sleep with them. All aspects of love (including sex) takes time and requires much temperance between now and then.

  2. wow....if u keep playin wit fire ull eventually get burned

  3. Whew someone is speaking out on this issue...hey bro take care of yourself...dont be the next statistics.

  4. friedrich_joestl@hotmail.comNovember 11, 2008 4:34 PM

    you have to live with it. my afrocuban friend is positive, I love him the more
    love from vienna austria frederic

  5. KIN'SHAR - I don't intend on coming in contact with the disease...I don't want any part of it...

  6. Your right, people with this diesease (like myself) dont have the right to endanger others. we have to take responsibility for the mistake that we made and have to live with until our last breathe. But it doesnt help us feel any better about ourselves when we have to be condemned even before people know us. (maybe some think that we shouldnt feel better about ourselves no that we have "it") No one intends to come in contact with this. But shit happens thats what makes it a mistake. Alot of mixed emotions about this post. But still a excellent one!

  7. Interesting post are you drawing this reaction from anyone specific? or are you just personifying the lifestyle of the disease?




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