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Saturday, 29 November 2008


THE BOY IS MINE is an R&B song recorded by American singers Brandy and Monica. It was originally written by Brandy Norwood, LaShawn Daniels, Fred Jerkins III, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and Brandy for her second studio album Never Say Never (1998) but was eventually released as the lead single off of both singers' second albums during the second quarter of 1998 (see 1998 in music). To date, it is both singers' most successful song. What don’t you LOVE about this song? This showcase EXACTLY both Brandy and Monica are who they are and I can’t get enough of it.


  1. THAT IS MY SHIT!!!! KEEP EM COMIN' GAYTEKEEPER... I HAVE BOTH ALBUMS, NEVER SAY NEVER (Brandy) AND THE BOY IS MINE (Monica) and I have duplicates of the song, The Boy is Mine (one on Never Say Never and the other on The Boy Is Mine) so here comes the decade old question... whose better? Brandy? or Monica? We used to argue over that ALL the time. I think Brandy is better... =P (trying to pick a fight?) LOL.

  2. hmmm Brandy is cool BUT Monica is SO much better

  3. I used to love that song too. And Monica is better on so many levels.

  4. I LOVE BRANDY!!!!!!!...... boy u know I'm a brandy fanatic lol...... I love this song & video......

    Xivinrah.: we used to do that too.... and of course I would always say Brandy lol.... when I used to work @ best buy when I was a teen and people used to come in the store to purchase "the boy is mine" single... I would ask, do u want Brandy's CD or Monica's... Most would pick Brandy's lol....

    Don't get me wrong I love my Monica too, but Brandy is my all time favorite!!! ;)

  5. I'll try not to comment on the video but on Brady and Monica. I like Monica too but I like Brandy more. Mainly because Brandy has more songs that resonate with me & Brandy has @ least three classics that I believe will last past thiss generation [covers or not] those are:

    1. Have you ever
    2. Almost doesn't count
    3. Everything I do

    And there are other memorable singles like this one or Sittin' up in my room or I wanna be down...

    I agree Monica is a better vocalist but I think thirty years from now Brandy's singles will still be living on, still getting airplay. Not so much for Monica I believe.

    I welcome the backlash from this one

  6. I love Monica's vocals too... thegaytekeeper, but when it comes down to the kind of music that you'll remember for a lifetime, I think Brandy has established that. I love Miss Thang and The Boy Is Mine (album) is VERY good also. Anything after that for Monica, and I'll have to pass. I don't really care too much for After The Storm, and All Eyes On Me (album and song) - ended up being released in Japan - had too many remakes. The Makings of Me really doesn't do a very good job of capturing the Monica sound of the 90's and I think that's why the majority of people didn't give it much time.

  7. Monica blew Brandy out of the water on this song. I'm a fan of both singers, but I'm a bigger fan of Monica Arnold. She does her thing and she did her thing well on this song!

  8. LOL...see it is you folks that make DRAMA! LMAO
    The song was the bomb because for a while there was rumor that the two artists were and should be rivals..but the this colaboration squashed that...but u boys won't let it go. lol Just enjoy the music. (maybe I'm just an impartial fan of both ladies.)

  9. The Boy is Mine is a nice song. Even I like it. Have to say though, I love Brandy's mellow voice. As for Monica, I'm not so sure about her vocal talents. I think she's in the same league as Rihanna.

  10. Okay, I was just sitting here going about my business when I suddenly remembered something that took place a couple of years ago. The story on Brandy & Monica and the comment I left about Monica's singing abilities reminded me of that time long ago.

    I was busy at the sink washing the dishes and I had my walkman on. I was listening to a Luther Vandross cassette, but I can't remember the name of the album. I was singing at the top of my voice, oblivious to my surroundings, when at some point I turned around. And there was my mom, bend over the table, laughing her lungs out! Tears were streaming from her face. So from that day on, I knew for sure and was under no illusion anymore, that I could sing.

    It was obvious that I was to stay clear of the microphone.

  11. Me and my lil cousin would sing battle it out on this song everytime we heard it. I always had to be Monica cus thats just my bytch! I love Ms. Norwood and think that her music is the shyt and has become timeless. But Monica's vocals can and will blow her out of the water anyday and I LIVE for the ones that can SANG!!!!

  12. This is indeed a hot track by both artistes and was a good collaborative effort.
    I do agree that Monica is a much better vocalist,however, Brandy has had better songs over her career,songs that I still listen to today and they haven't gotten stale.

  13. how did I miss this posting...I dont know, but I love this song...and everytime I hear it ...I think of all the B*t**s I want to sing it to. But I love both girls....and I think they are both the same as far as singing....I think Brandy has more on Monica...as far as the moola..




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