¡We can no longer be a bunch of empty minds living in critical times refusing to recognize real lies!

Sunday, 30 November 2008


For a LONG time now, we’ve been living in a world where mankind has been getting ready to live. And as a result of this we have a world that is consumed with ALL the wrong things. From money to fancy cars to the huge house we want it ALL! It is SO sad that many of us seek the answers to life’s question by looking outside of ourselves and try to get happiness N’ joy from the things that will NOT last. Each of us is unique, with OUR own personal histories, OUR own sense of right and wrong, and OUR own way of experiencing the world that defines OUR realities; and using everything AND everyone will ONLY further the problem that already exists in this world. We need to be ready because the future started YESTERDAY and we are a day late AND a dollar short. WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR US TO GET IT? More terrorist attack in some parts of the world? More people dying from hunger? More fretting about the how AND why of life? We need to act as THE compass of life and NOT life being the compass of us. We need to learn to HEAR, TRUST and EMBRACE the world as it happening on MANY levels. I get that within us there are NUMEROUS voices that often compete for our attention. It can be difficult to decide which one to listen to, particularly when the world is sending out its very own set of signals. However ONE voice is the speaker of TRUTH and that’s the voice that is telling you TO BE READY! We need to achieve this if we are to fix things and make them better. Because we’ve been living like we don’t get what humanity is all about, I get that being READY is something that will not happen overnight. But I am SURE if we are PATIENT as we relearn how to be a human with a heart N’ soul we can get there in NO time. We need to STOP going against the TRUTH because it slapping us in the face everyday in every way. THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE, PLACES N’ THINGS YOU CAN SEE THE HAND GOD @ WORK, YET WE IGNORE IT & LIVE AS IF WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE PEOPLE WE ARE…IT IS TIME TO STIR UP OUR SOULS SO WE CAN MAKE THAT JOURNEY TO THAT MOUNTAIN TOP & BE READY SO WE DON’T HAVE TO GET READY FOR THE CHANGE THE WORLD NEEDS…


  1. I agree!

    There is so much that we can do as individuals and even more that we can do together as a group. We know what the problems are and we need to do what we can to help if it only means writing a letter, making a phone call, donating time or money we can only make a difference if we act. And that's why we're are human - God has given us the ability to affect our lives and those of others dramatically through action.

  2. ¡Muy agradable! Necesitamos para vivir en el ahora.

    Our new fearless leader (Obama) says a change is going to come. We'll see.

  3. Dear Pastor Kishna,
    Don't we human beings want it all because we are creatures of desire? We desire money, we desire power, we desire more sex, we desire and want that beautiful man or woman, the list is endless.

    Do we not say to ourselves, If I can just have $2 million then all my problems will be solved? If I can just have a bigger house with nice furniture I will be so much happier?
    Ofcourse money pays the bills and we all need a roof over our heads, but if you are not happy while acquiring those things, then you will not be happy once you have them. And shouldn't there come a time when you realise that you have more than enough?

    Okay Pastor, you say 'we need to stop going against the truth...' I don't know if we are capable of that or even willing.
    Not wanting to sound like the so-called bible-punching types, your statement reminds me of that story in the bible where Noah was warning people about the coming floods and no one was willing to listen or believe his words. People still continued to eat and drink, to marry and to have children and just continue with their daily lives and when the floods finally came, they were caught unawares.

  4. U are so right about this. We tend to over look the real issues in the world cus we're so worried about things that arent even going to matter in the end. We as a people need to do better. Cus tomorrow is not promised.

  5. I think we as a people have become selfish and consumed with materialism and wealth,hence the current state of the planet.It is important for the survival of mankind and for future generations that we change these attitudes and become less self serving.In doing so we would reduce waste,conserve energy and engage in efforts that would improve the lives of those around us who are less fortunate.These should be the tenets of our existence as citizens of this planet.




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