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Monday, 06 October 2008


  1. HE LIKES TO "PRETEND" TO DANCE LIKE A WOMAN…While a 50 Cent or Jay Z song is on, they on the wall looking mad. But, as soon as Beyonce comes on, he is all over the dance shaking his ass and doing it better than you girl. Yeah, you think he’s playing and trying to make you laugh. But he’s really not. Besides ladies, you don’t want a man, who can dance better to a Beyonce song right?
  2. HE'S ALWAYS WITH HIS BEST FRIEND…They are always together like two females. Always working out together…always on the phone together. And, you as the girlfriend wonder why he spends more time with his best friend than with you. Could that mean that you are his cover up; and as long as he is with you, no one will think that he is gay?
  3. HE PICKS AN ARGUMENT WITH YOU FOR NO REASON…And, then leaves the house for hours. He does this so he has time for the both of you and his down low lover. So be cautious, if your man is always picking arguments with you and leaves the house for hours. If he’s not hiding that he’s gay, he’s hiding something. And, that’s another story, another time, and another place…
  4. LOOK @ HIS WALK…Does your dude walks too, too hard? So hard that it's noticeable? I mean y'all don't want your man to walk all gay and stuff. So him putting on this EXTRA manliness is meant to both in impress AND throw you off his scent. If a man walks hard AND tough he wont’ be seen as gay. But, don’t be fooled, that walk is just as noticeable as my Naomi walk. He can fool the people, but you can’t fool those who the score. We know what he is covering up with that walk. The only difference between us is that we have the out of the closet normal walk and he has the I am in the closet on the DL walk…
  5. HE'S EXTREMELY SECRETIVE…This sign is for all you parents out there. If you have a son who sneaks out the house a lot; and you rarely know his whereabouts most of the time…SOMETHING IS GOING ON! Especially if mostly males call the house for him and he rarely talk about girls. Sorry but he is a GAY. Basically, if you know nothing about his son lifestyle, it’s because he doesn’t want you to know. He doesn’t want you to know that he is gay, that’s why everything with him is a big secret. Most of this secret lifestyle starts to happen around the age of 15. By then most boys should know if they like girls or boys or both…
  6. HE ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT HOW CHICKS WANT TO GET @ HIM…But, in reality you never see him with any females. More than likely he is saying that to make you think he’s straight and to throw you off. But in reality, those females he talks about are really men…
  7. HE HITS & BEATS ON WOMEN…I’m sorry, a real man does not hit a woman. But, a down low man will. Now, wait a minute some women do like getting a little roughed up, choked up, a little weave pulling during sex. But that’s another story child. I’m talking about those Ike and Tina Turner beatings. He's just trying to prove to the world that he is a heterosexual man. Knowing deep inside he is a homosexual. So if your man is beating on you like that, wake up, before it’s too late!
  8. HE'S ALWAYS CALLING SOMEBODY ELSE GAY…A man that is constantly saying things about like, HE LOOKS GAY, HE ACTS GAY; HE DRESSES GAY & HE WALKS GAY…more than like is GAY. Basically he is just hope AND praying that he is so he could have him all to himself (especially if he is in female company). So it would be in his best interest if he truly wants to remain on the DL he needs to STOP calling out other gay men.
  9. HE WANTS TO MAKE LOVE FROM BEHIND…If your man always want to have anal every time your have sex, and gets mad when you don’t want to…that is a sign. Because if your man like poking you in the ass, more than likely any ass will do. What makes you think he wouldn’t mind poking another man? So watch out for those men that likes to be fingered OR have their salads toss. And this should be a NO brainer…but, if your man likes for you to strap on a dildo and let him have it…I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it…
  10. HE'S HOMOPHOBIC…Is your man always angry with gay people for no reason. Does he always have something negative to say about them? When he comes across a gay man, does he make a CHI CHI man comment OR make some homophobic remark? He is CLEARLY saying that being with another man is something that interests him and he is trying to make sure you are NOT aware of that. I find this happens when he sees someone he wants to get with. But DEEP inside he wants that gay boy OR rather feel free AND happy like him. So he hates on the gay boy, because the gay boy can care less of what folks has to say about him and he’s going to be himself. A real man will see a gay boy and say nothing. It’s always them dam DL ones who always have something to say. So to the REAL gay men who meet these type of homosexuals I say SMILE every time you come upon one TRUST ME, it’s the best medicine. But it is the ladies that I am worried about, they need to be cautious if they are NOT interested in dating a man that wants to be with other men.


  1. Those pictures were wickiiiiiiiid. specially the one with the female mannequins! Badnessssss!

    This post was too jokes, " he has the I am in the closet on the DL walk…" HA!

  2. I've always thought the same thing!

  3. This was an incredible post. Really gave me something to think about next time I'm people watching.

    And if I woulda realized how easy it easy to maintain a blog, I woulda done it sooner, LOL.

  4. Tell the truth. I am showing this post to all the females that say that they man is straight.

  5. Love this post. I totally agree with you man. and you find some of the most interesting photos lol.

  6. this is gonna answer alot of women's questions.


  7. LOL i love this.....You telling on these men...being DL is getting played out....the truth needs to just come out.




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