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Tuesday, 07 October 2008


In this day and age, divorce rates are high and people are puzzled as to how the traditional marriages of yesteryear can ever survive today's fast paced lifestyle. Many couples marry because they are IN LOVE. They have overwhelming attraction to one another and because they feel romantic love towards one another, they feel that they should commit their lives to each other. I have been thinking about the GAY men that marry women to either hide OR cure their homosexuality. I TOTALLY understand the reason they do it, but I can’t’ say that I agree with it. We hear talk about GAY MARRIAGE in the press and everywhere else, but NO one is talking about the REAL gay marriage? Times have certainly changed. Unfortunately our spiritual understanding of romantic unions and relationships has been slow to follow. Many people still have certain expectations of each other in this society so MERGERS like this take place VERY often. BUT ISN’T IT FUNNY THOUGH, A GAY CAN BE FORGIVEN BECAUSE HE TOOK A BRIDE & BECAME A REFORM HOMOSEXUAL? If only it were THAT easy…CLOSE…but WE need to take a closer look @ this phenomenon because a gay man merely taking some vows in front of God and some invited guest won’t magically transform him into a hetero. Relationships are difficult on their own so can you imagine what it’ll be like when a relationship of this sort tries to make from day to the next? Relationships are constantly challenging; constantly calling us to create, express AND experience an elevated aspect of ourselves. So after the happy couple crosses the threshold AND settles down REALITY hits home and it won’t be pretty. It is a KNOWN fact that when human relationships fail, they fail because they were entered into for the wrong reason. And NOTHING proves this more than a gay AND straight union. They both enter into the union with an eye toward what they can get out of the other…Talk about romance…ISN’T IT SWEET TO HAVE THEM SAY THAT THEY WERE NOTHING UNTIL THEY MET EACH OTHER? I guess it makes PERFECT sense since the purpose of relationship is NOT to have another who might complete you; but to have another with whom you might share your completeness. So given this predicament what do you think will happen when the GAY man gets that itch that his wife can’t scratch? After all he decided to become some woman’s husband so he could NOT follow his individual path to a life of reality. Pity that the bonds of marriage are seen as prohibitive rather than engaging in an active spiritual partnership full of growth and cooperation…ALL THE SAME I SUPPOSE…IT SADDENS ME TO THINK THAT OUR SOULS CAME TO OUR BODIES FOR THE PURPOSE OF EVOLUTION & SOME OF WE GAY MEN CAN’T GET IT TOGETHER. WE ALL ARE EVOLVING & BECOMING…BUT WHEN WE USE SOMETHING SO SACRED IN THIS MANNER, WE DON’T DO OUR SEXUALITY AN INJUSTICE. SO I SAY TO THE GAY MEN THAT TAKES THIS PATH…DON’T! IT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO BE TRUE TO YOURSELF RATHER THAN MESSING UP SOME WOMAN’S LIFE. MARRIAGE IS TOO IMPORTANT TO BE TREATED IN SUCH A MANNER. HOW CAN TOGETHERNESS BE ACHIEVED IF THE WINDS OF HEAVEN CAN’T DANCE BETWEEN YOU? SPIRITUAL PARTNERS SHOULD HONOR & LOVE EACH OTHER, FILL EACH OTHER’S CUP, GIVE ONE ANOTHER BREAD…BUT NOT EAT FROM THE SAME LOAF…ALL I KNOW IS THAT I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL I SAY I DO TO MAN IN MY LIFE…I CAN ONLY THANK GOD THAT WE MAN UP & ACCEPT WHO WE ARE & NOT TRY TO HIDE BEHIND SOME FARCE OF A MARRIAGE…

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    And that's really what it comes down to, being true to yourself and not following the ways of society. People are so scared to break out of the mold and do something different, something that maybe their mothers and fathers wont accept, or their friends will fully understand but will make THEM happy!




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