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Sunday, 05 October 2008


The other day I had an epiphany which led me to my blog entry for the day. For a while now I’ve been dealing with things that seemed so unfair OR unwarranted on my part. @ first it was hard for me to understand the how OR why this was happening; but now I can say that I am glad it did. But as reflect on how I got to this place, I now realize that being unemployed in times such as these that it is hard to remain positive. Though I was to a degree, there were still times that QUESTIONED GOD about whys N’ whens…Nonetheless, I have come to understand that God wants me to be MORE appreciative of having such a GREAT partner AND best friend that supports and help me. Moreover, I needed to be thankful that I am here on this planet with life. NEVERTHELESS, I FOUND IT REALLY INTERESTING HOW THE THING THAT YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR MAKES THINGS SO DIFFICULT FOR YOU! But as hard as it is, we HAVE to find a way to not only cope, but deal with things in a effective manner despite the fact that you are dealing with something difficult…IT IS ALL ABOUT PROCESSING N’ RELEASING…As it stands, we get lost in the confusion of OUR world when life is happening to EVERYONE! Though it is dissimilar and depending on where you are standing, the ONLY thing I feel that makes a difference is OUR vantage point. So it is up to us to NOT get lost and know that things will change even when it doesn’t seem like they are. From our UNIQUE window of the world, we may see what looks like a pain N’ hurt but if we take another look, we maybe able to see happiness N’ joy. It is all about how we handle life as it comes to us and understanding that the shadow that is concealed from one point of view is easily seen from another. So unless you are willing to see what's in front of us through different eyes our INVISIBLE FAITH would become just that…INVISIBLE. Hence it is IMPORTANT to see the problem from another perspective, whether spatially OR mentally, so we can see the hidden treasures of life. The root of the discovery process often lies in finding another way of looking at our tribulations. So it pays to remember that even though the experiences in life seem confusing, alarming OR worrisome, they need NOT be…They are but life happening as the earth spins…IT IS ALL ABOUT RECOGNIZING OUR OWN ABUNDANCE & KNOWING THAT AS LONG AS WE HAVE A FAITH THAT NO ONE CAN TOUCH IT & EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE. AFTER ALL IT IS PUREST THING IN LIFE ANYONE COULD EVER EXPERIENCE. THIS MADE ME REALIZE THAT IT IS OKAY TO FEEL LOST N’ ALONE, BUT YOU SHOULD TRY TO AVOID GETTING CAUGHT UP IN IT. IN ANY CASE IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT WHAT YOU SEND OUT WILL ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU. SO DON’T BE AFRAID TO USE YOURSELF AS A PENDULUM & TRUST THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. IT IS THE ONLY WAY THAT WE CAN CONNECT WITH OUR HIGHER SELVES. SO I ASK THAT YOU NOT ALLOW  THINGS TO GET IN YOUR WAY, I DIDN’T & STILL LIVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT…I NOW UNDERSTAND THAT LIFE IS HAPPENING ALL AROUND US EVEN IF IT IS NOT & THAT IS THE THING THAT KEEPS ME HOLDING ONTO MY INVISIBLE FAITH, BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS…

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  1. I am feeling what you are saying, it is so surreal what you are talking about...Troy




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