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Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Sometimes we want LOVE so bad that we will do just anything to get OR keep it. From what I know about relationships, most of us either stay with someone in the HOPES that he/she will learn to LOVE us OR we run from here to there LOOKING for something to stick. And in the interim we are here fighting what seems to insurmountable odds that just get the better of us. ARE WE DOOMED TO FAIL BECAUSE THIS IS JUST THE WAY LOVE N’ LIFE GOES OR COULD IT BE SOMETHING ELSE? I say that it all of these and SO much more. However, I think that the main thing we are NOT looking @ is the fact that we are NOT SEEKING persons that are OUR equal. It is my PERSONAL belief that it is VITALLY important to date someone who's in your league and I don't mean that in a snobbish way. I say this because until recently, my relationships were very one-sided. And I like to think of myself as educated, a risk taker, very funny and a person who always challenges himself, along with being a creative spirit. But I found myself dating men I had nothing in common with. THANK GOD MOST OF THEM NEVER MADE IT TO THAT PLACE…Nonetheless, I would be in these relationships where we were COMPLETE opposites when it came to education, taste in movies and music, and careers and though they MOSTLY had NO creative aspirations, they didn’t have ANY aspirations @ all. Often, we couldn't even hold a conversation that lasted over 5 minutes. However they were not lacking in some attributes that I found attractive like being romantic, kind, and passionate but still it wasn't enough to build into anything permanent. After years of this routine, I had to stop and process. WAS IT ME? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? WHEN AM I GOING TO GET WHAT I DESERVE? HOW IS THAT I KEEP ATTRACTING MEN THAT I HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH? I had no problems with my friends. We had a lot in common, sometimes talking for hours at a time. The answer came to me…in order for me to find happiness in my relationships; I needed to find the medium. Hence I had to STOP dating who could NEVER measure up and date men that had the qualities that I value in life. I found that I need to be challenged in order for me grow and the men that I’ve met didn’t give the RIGHT kind of challenge that I needed. Hence dating someone who is not your equal should never be an option. If you're not careful, you can end up with someone who is not OR will never be in the same place you are. SO NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS THAN YOUR EQUAL…WHILE THIS MAY BE SEEN AS CONCEITED OR ARROGANT, CHOOSING TO FIND YOUR EQUAL IS THE MOST POWERFUL ACT OF LOVE THERE IS…


  1. Amen and Amen. This posting speaks to me so! This is where I am right now, being with someone who is not only completely incompatible with me but is also not my equal. Though I have come to understand that we will never go anywhere and have stopped feeling anything for him long time ago, the guy seems not to see this reality and is stubbornly clinging to the idea that there can be a future. I have grown and changed and he's still in the same place he was two years ago. I'm not trying to be mean but I have come to realise and accept that each one of us have someone that is suited to us.

  2. Im on the lookout for my equal...he better be on the lookout for me as well.

  3. You add the best images to your blog entries.

    AMEN is right.

    I think the pronlem for me is when you are in-tune with your self you emit such a force. We get all excited and we meet someone and we display all of our good attributes and think that it will rub off. I think I get all caught up in my own glow and never really analyse the next person. They "used" to feed of of me and just play along fearing and knowing they cannot keep up.

    It takes time.

    Can someone really equal me???
    I would prefer that they blend with me.
    Equal kinda just cancels each other out in a way.


  4. Wow... I really really really need to hear this one. Your blogs hit on some crucial points. It's no one's job to make someone feel comfortable with whatever dilemmas may be happening in their lives, I still have a long way to go in understanding why people treat me the way they do... I don't know what I am worth, what is out of my league, and what is not good enough for me.

    Can I ask you a question? Why is it that even the ones that aren't good enough for me... treat me like I am not good enough for them? I'm so confused... I don't know what to think of myself anymore. :(




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