¡We can no longer be a bunch of empty minds living in critical times refusing to recognize real lies!

Thursday, 16 October 2008


There is a real need for us as a GAY community to RE-ESTABLISH ourselves, RE-ESTABLISH the basis for who and what we are as a humans as well as RE-ESTABLISH where we are going. In these times we have to recognize that we stand on the shoulders of those who have walked this road before. They had clarity about who and what they were before epidemic of HIV/AIDS destroyed the community; and it is up to us to pick up the mantle and forged ahead. Do you remember that childhood rhyme sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me? Well that is true, only it is the TOTAL opposite for us. We have been wrongly socialized to think that words could not hurt and therefore have not paid enough attention to words and symbols and have left us defenseless to the continuing emotional assault on our psyche and spirit that is unleashed by the power of the word GAY. We have to decode our homophobic environment and untangle the deep web of lies AND untruths that has kept down for SO long. By manipulating AND directing the mental perception through word redefinition, the masses benefited from demonizing AND scorning the lives of SO many GAY people. For as long as I can remember, they have sought to create an ever expanding HETERO reality OR world. They were only able to accomplish this through giving birth to FEAR that is considered GOD’S LAW. Nonetheless, I say we can RECLAIM the TRUE beauty AND meaning of being GAY. The nature of homosexuality and the people who are GAY are vast. Homosexuality is what links us as ONE humanity. It also connects us to the ONE universal consciousness that many call God. I read somewhere that communications between unequal people in society can NEVER be equal AND the language interaction between GAY AND STRAIGHT folks within the existing of the sexual order is essentially unequal. Society interacts with us from a functionally superior position AND we respond to them from a socially inferior position. Even as I write this society is telling GAY people what to do in ALL aspect of their lives. So by redefining the meaning of GAY AND STRAIGHT we can CHANGE the way things are. Why we continue to engage in senseless word games around whether we should be calling ourselves GAY, HOMOSEXUALS, PANSEXUAL, TRI-SEXUAL or the MANY other names in the sexuality handbook defies time AND circumstance given our power as human beings. It was precisely because of this; society REDEFINED key terms such as GAY so that we would NOT realize the power of HOMOSEXUALITY. Rather than continue to define ourselves according to misrepresentations and falsifications within society, we should go back to the source of our own humanity and see what we called ourselves before opinions AND fear took over this planet. As GAY people we should ALWAYS seek to aspire to the TRUTH when it comes to matters as critical to the future and survival of the community…THE WORD GAY REPRESENTS OUR RIGHT TO SHARE IN THE BOUNTY & BEAUTY OF A WORLD THAT IS SO VAST & DIFFERENT. THE FACT THAT THIS WORD IS SEEN AS SOMETHING BAD SHOWS THAT THE WORLD IS AN UNSTABLE PLACE FOR US & THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE. IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND WHY SO MANY OF US ARE STRUGGLING FOR SURVIVAL, WE NEED TO LOOK DEEP WITHIN OURSELVES & FIND THE ANSWERS. WHILST MOST OF US GET INTO EMPTY DEBATES ABOUT OUR SEXUALITY WE MUST REALIZE THAT NO CAN RIDE OUR BACKS UNLESS IT IS BENT & THIS IS SUCH A SIMPLE PROFOUND TRUTH…IF ONLY WE COULD GRASP THAT WE ARE NOT CURSED BECAUSE WE GAY, THEY CURSE US WE HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL, REAL & HONEST INSIDE OF US…



  2. I agree with everything in this post. I think we are taking the steps although we are taking them very slowly.




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