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Sunday, 06 April 2008


For some STRANGE reason today I felt it was VITATLLY important to put a message out there that provided the comforting oasis in a chaotic world. This message I want to resonate with EVERYONE; be it GAY or STRAIGHT…TODAY I AM ALL ABOUT SALVATION & BELIEVING THAT HEAVEN IS 4 ALL OF US NO MATTER WHAT OUR SEXUALITY MAY BE. 

This entry is for the SOLE purpose of combating the others that came before it that does NOT lift OR strengthen US as people. We are beaten up by persons that who are NO more powerful OR holy than we are in the name of the LORD and it MUST cease! For some reason, I do NOT believe that GOD intended for his word to be used in the way in which it is. However, there is the belief that there is only ONE truth and that one group is in possession of it. This notion is the DEEPEST root of ALL evil that exists in this world.

The church has FAILED YOU & US; yet we continue to carry on as if it didn’t. HOW CAN THE PLACE THAT CONSIDERS ITSELF THE EMBODIMENT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE BE THE TOTAL OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT STANDS FOR? I am of the opinion that heaven is so big that it can house everyone you meet AND it is meant for all. I wonder why is that the rest of the society can live how they please AND still see GOD’S face. Why is that we are seen as the ones that will go the forbidden kingdom? Anyone with common sense should be able to deduce that one does NOT choose his OR her sexuality yet there is the general consensus that we. Thus our place in heaven is but a dream…As far as I see it, HELL is an idea created by the ego of man that says that WE are NOT worthy of LOVE. 

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  1. Amen! Worth reading over and over again. Thanks, I'll be in heaven with you.




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