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Sunday, 17 February 2008


I find that the CONNECTION that we have with GOD has been, and continues to be, the focus of COUNTLESS DEBATESARTICLES, and TELEVISION SHOWS and so on. There is without a doubt just as many opinions on what is wrong with OUR relationship with GOD as there are individuals with solutions to the problems. However, what are the inherent external factors that foster OUR disconnection from GOD? Though nothing is ever as simple as it seems, yet if WE focus on OUR overall complexity of life, WE can find some solutions that can make life easier.
For many of us dealing with RELIGION is very difficult to say the least. For HETEROSEXUALS it is easier to deny the pain than to acknowledge the suffering that HOMOSEXUALS endure in this world. Because of this, there are lingering anxieties in the hearts and minds of GAY men and women that PREVENTS us from having any sort of relationship with OUR ‘creator.’ If only WE allow the painful indignities that we suffer draw us closer to GOD; instead it does the opposite.
The reality is that in spite of the EDUCATIONALECONOMIC and SOCIAL GAINS that we have made, SOCIETY still operates as an oppressive system that has been, and continues to be, responsible for keeping a large number of us TRAPPED in a place that forces us to believe that GOD does NOT care for us. It is my FIRM belief that there is a DIRECT correlation between our ability and inability to problem solve and our common experience of being GAY. In other words the oppressed is not entirely responsible for his OR her oppression. Nonetheless, I feel that WE need to take ourselves out of a certain mind frame AND take our rightful place in this world.
To each HIS/HER own, but I am of the opinion that GOD IS NOT SOME OMNIPOTENT FIGURE IN THE SKY THAT IS KEEPING SCORE & IS FORCING US TO ACHIEVE SALVATION THROUGH FEAR & TREMBLING. DO YOU THINK GOD REALLY WANTS US TO LIVE IN WORLD THAT HAS THE PROBLEMS THAT IT HAS? I SAY NO! We sit AND think that WE are sinners and GOD does NOT want anything to do with us, this is SO far from the truth. Why do WE hinder OUR relationship with GOD because of who we are? I find it heart breaking that we feel separate AND apart from OUR creator because of OUR inability to LOVE ourselves. I feel that LOGIC destroys what WE ought to believe, there is NO LOGIC when it comes to LIFE and the how it is lived. It amazes me that WE say WE believe in GOD, yet have such a HARD time with him.

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  1. I have a healthy relationship with God. My being a SGL man has never stopped his love for me.




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