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Saturday, 16 February 2008


So the real reason I haven't been hanging with my friends is that they have been pretty frustrating lately. I am cycled between them AND their problems and things are not all good. I DID NOT WANT TO HEAR HOW LIFE IS SO THIS N’ THAT, SO I HAVE DECIDED THAT I DID NOT WANT TO BE APART OF THEIR FATALISTIC VIEW ON LIFE. YES I know that LIFE is HARD! YES I know that things are NOT all they are cracked up to be! YES I know that LOVE is something that does NOT come easy! However, those things are NO excuse for them to live as if LIFE is punishing them. Nevertheless, I am in the process of tearing down to rebuild…just rethinking my position in the life of my friends…Every Saturday my friends and I spend the day together. However, for the past 3 weeks I have decided NOT to hang with my friends; I guess one can say I am taking a SABBATICAL. I am merely taking SMALL steps to the BIG change that is coming for me. I just need to get away; I need some time for me. I want to be the one that does NOT care; I want to be the one that is the central focus. In this vain I can allow myself to grow into a new habit AND make it a permanent part of my life. Life has placed me on a path that focuses on me AND my happiness, no longer will I place my wants AND needs on the back burner. My inner voice has been telling for a while now that I ought to be better to myself, so I have taken heed. This is for my alignment with the rhythm of the universe.

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