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Friday, 15 February 2008


As a boy growing up, I can remember the day that I asked my mother her and she told that she was 28. @ That moment I thought to myself that when she is 30 I will be 10, 40 I will 20 AND 50 I will be 30. Now the STRANGEST thing about that day is that I saw my mom as an adult, someone that is so GROWN up AND has it all together…FUNNY how I got to be that and I did NOT feel OR thought of myself as I saw her. My mother turning 50 made me realize how time really flies AND how @ that age I never gave any thought as to what kind of man I would be OR where I would be in my life. Nonetheless, the time is here AND I am HAPPY with where I am; I am HAPPY with who I am AND NO one on this earth can get in the way of that. I remember telling my mother about my sexuality, it was VERY difficult AND terrifying but I did it nonetheless. From that day until now our relationship has NOT changed, she is still the ONLY woman in my life L(O)L! AND I would NOT have it any other way. My mother proved to me that she is STRONG and UNSTOPPABLE…she made it this far without half of the things that are @ my fingertips. I know that she sacrifice herself for both my sister AND I, for that I will be ETERNALLY grateful. As a child growing up and going to school and having to write stories about my hero it was always my mother that was the subject. ON THIS DAY I WANT TO SAY HAPPY EARTH DAY TO A WOMAN THAT IS MY MOTHER & FATHER…I WANT TO THANK HER FOR BEING THE VESSEL THAT BROUGHT ME HERE…I WANT TO SAY THAT I WOULD NOT CHANGE HER FOR ANOTHER…I WANT HER TO ENJOY THIS HER DAY & I HOPE SHE GETS 50 MORE YEARS ON THIS EARTH TO BE MY MOTHER…


  1. I want to applaud you B for this entry on your mom. You have so eloquently described the remarkable strength of a WOMAN,that is exemplied daily in the actions of so many women. This entry made me think of my own mother and her remarkbale strength and the fact that she is still standing and going strong. B i want to join with you in saluting your MOTHER for doing such a wonderful job with uand for blessing us with such an amazing young man. If it weren't for her we won't have been blessed to have you and for that we will be eternally grateful. So i take this opportunity to salute her and to salute all Mothers,who have made us what we are today. THANK YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAMA UR THE QUEEN OF MY HEART>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Yes, everything you wrote is full of love and I am sure your Mom will be deeply touched as I am because I can say that we often realize too late the hug importance and impact in my life of a mother. We should never postpone till tomorrow or later to express an internal gratitude to her before we have lost her. We say that the loss of a mother is the first pain we cry without her. You should be bless by each of us for the tremendous words you have written a may with God Will keeps your Mom for many years to come. Make sure to say to your Mom very often that you were blessed to have a such a wonderful Mom. Continue to spread love, compassion around you. I am proud of you man. Hope to find more people like you that can say what he has in his heart full of remarkable words and grace for his Mom. Again be blessed.




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