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Thursday, 14 February 2008


I LOVE Valentine's Day. I LOVE the notion of a day committed to all things LOVE. Yes, I know every day ought to be filled with love and it is, but February 14th, well, that is the CAPSTONE FOR ALL THINGS LOVE! I am a hopeless romantic. I own it. I am shameless in my faith in love and happiness. I have seen too much, experienced too much and have decided that love and happiness suits me. I am not some silly empty headed school boy. I am standing in the Grown man Space with my heart on my sleeve. I do not want to be cautious and afraid of love. I do not want to be shy or guarded. I want to be falling down drunk with LOVE. I have known what its like to be without love and I can't go back to that...EVER! NO LONGER DO I BELIEVE THAT THE IDEA OF LOVE IS MEANT TO BE MY VALENTINE, & I WILL END THE DAY AS I BEGAN IT…IN LOVE. His happiness is VERY important to me and HIS LOVE is one that I will hold with me FOREVER. HE IS THE BALANCE OF WHOLNESS THAT FIND WITHIN ME…THE GETTING WITHOUT GIVING. I AM HIS IMPERFECT BEING, LOVE MAKES ME KNOW THAT IF I WERE PERFECT, I WOULD NOT NEED HIM…I WOULD BE PERFECT UNTO MYSELF. LOVE DOES NOT LIVE IN POLARITY, LOVE KNOWS PERFECTION & WE DO NOT. LOVE IS GIVING & NOT LIMITING, IT ENCOURAGES FREEDOM & INDIVIDUALITY WHILE SHARING & GIVING OF ITSELF. I BELIEVE THAT LOVE MIRRORS OUR OUTER & INNER WORLD…OUR MOST INTIMATE REFLECTIONS ARE ON DISPLAY THAT CAN ONLY ENHANCE & MATURE US…AMIDST THE YAWNABLE & LAUGHABLE EVENTS THAT IS MY LIFE, I HAVE FOUND THAT LOVE IS FOREVER…

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