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Friday, 22 February 2008


The best way to get what we want from life is to first know what we want. If we haven’t taken the time to really understand and identify what would truly make us happy, we won’t be able to ask for it from those around us or from the universe. We may not even be able to recognize it once it arrives. Once we are clear about what we want, we can communicate it to those around us. When we can be honest about who we are and what we want, there is no need to demand, be rude or aggressive, or manipulate others that are involved in helping us get what we want. Instead, we know that we are transmitting a signal on the right frequency to bring all that we desire into our experience. As the world evolves, humanity is learning to work from the heart. We may have been taught that the way to get what we want is to follow certain rules, play particular games, or even engage in acts that use less than our highest integrity. The only rules we need to apply are those of intention and connection. In terms of energy, we can see that it takes a lot of energy to keep up a false front or act in a way that is counter to our true nature, but much less energy is expended when we can just be and enjoy connections that energize us in return. Then our energy can be directed toward living the life we want right now. Society has certain expectations of behavior and the roles each of us should play, but as spiritual beings we are not bound by these superficial structures unless we choose to accept them. Instead, we can listen to our hearts and follow what we know to be true and meaningful for us. In doing so, we will find others who have chosen the same path. It can be easy to get caught up in following goals that appear to be what we want, but when we pursue the underlying value, we are certain to stay on our right path and continue to feed our soul.

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  1. Yes, we must first know what we want from life as you said many time and you will never say this enough. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Everything expressed in that text is the real situation where many people hiding from the true life they want to live. Indeed, the life will be much easier by acception who we are and what we want to be. Why hiding our feelings ? Only each person can find the answer to it.
    Wonderful words written and so proud of the person who was not scared to say loud what many people are unable to do so.
    Keep going , you are on the right path to help people trying to find happiness as you did.
    From some one who appreciate very much what you do and who you are.
    A french man who will support you as much can be possible. You already helped me a lot and you still continue to do so.




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