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Saturday, 23 February 2008


HE got poisoned by…
Words of love
Gave ALL of himself
And got 208 in return
Now HE is twisted like candy
With an unflavored desire
Now this poison is HIS obsession
As HE picks up the pieces of HIS soul
HIS bitter truth makes LIES taste better
For HIS poison
Comes from the root of HIS self love…
Rather the lack thereof
There is NO redemption
As HIS life drips N’ drops
If only HE could save himself
With some antidote of TRUTH
The older HE gets
More or less HE forgets
As HE gets closer
HE realizes that HE has been running
In the opposite direction of divinity
For 208 cannot destroy the light that shines within.


  1. Trying to find the right words to express my deep compassion to 208. I would need a lot of thinking before able to say my sincere thought and giving him or her the feeling I have in my heart. Indeed, there is no word to reconcile with the pass that no one can change. Assuming the destiny can be achieve only to turn his or her eyes to our creator. The last moments of his or her life has to be full of love no judgement at all. Who are we to judge or blame. I would have much to say which could help him or her to pass those terrible moments. Just remember that I am one who would be privileged to be beside you to listen what you would want to say in order to trasmit those words to all of us.
    From a person who is full of compassion and sincerity.
    Man or Woman the Creator is always beside you and in your soul. Never forget HIM.

  2. Hey! Is this your drawing? I found it on someone else's site. Let me know and I'll credit you. Wonderful site. Hot pics. My inner perv appreciates them. Cheers!




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