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Thursday, 21 February 2008


I am all his but with a twist…
¿The whole package can HE see?
What HE sees is what HE gets
All HIS completely free
NO drama,
NO games
Tomorrow I'm always the same
Giving HIM nothing but LOVE!
I be HIS
The one for which I use the word WE
Living the mystery of each other
1st being the physical
Then the discovery
OUR LOVE is new yet old
For I have known him from the depths of my soul
No more waiting to plant to dream
Memories reaching deep down brought to life
Living my future
From the bottom of what I am
Uncovering memory of when I began
Before I was what I will be
Now with HE…
I will forever be


  1. B this is an incredibly beautiful and sweet poem,that touches the core of my heart.I have absolutely no doubt in my mind about your feelings towards me, since you have on numerous occasions expressed and demonstrated them. I do get it and i do see that you are for real and what we have is for real. I do get that that you are all mine and what we have is very real.I've never been more certain of anything in my life and everything indicates that is meant to be. I wish i was as gifted as you,to so eloquently and beautifully express what's in my heart and what is in my soul,but each day i will never cease to let you know how much you mean to me and how much I love you.

  2. What makes me think this comment was absolutely right because, something happened one day when a person had a wonderful reaction toward him. He grabed his head with such great and beautiful way, I was then convicted of the sincerity B that I am not surprised of the deep and sincere comment he wrote. Wishing the best of all. For me the one you wrote this comment is on the right track and the love is also there just waiting to grow. Someone who cares about such a great lovers

    convicted was a mistake of my part.
    I wanted to say convinced of the sincerity of B, and I am not surprises of the deep and sincre comment he wrote for B. Wishing again the best of all. In my opinion the one WHO wrote this comment in on the right path and the LOVE will just increase or grow. Sorry again for the mistake.
    A person who cares about such a great lovers.




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