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Monday, 05 November 2007


To the average man, his penis is one of the most important things he owns. At an early age he discovers it and immediately becomes fascinated by it. Though they pretend that it is not a big issue, men are usually curious about what is considered the average penis size for sexual satisfaction and how well they match up. Penis size matters to men and their partners and, as such, the age-old debate penis size and its effect continues. In 1948, sex researchers Kinsey and Associates collected data on average penis sizes. In the study, length measurements were taken when the penises were erect, from the top of the point where the penile shaft meets the pubic area to the tip. For those uncircumcised men, their foreskin was retracted during the measurement.

Average size – girth (width) measurements were taken by wrapping a measuring tape around the middle of the penis. Durex condom studies concurred with Kinsey's and it was found that the average penis size in length to be about 6.4 inches and for the girth the erect penis is about 5.2 inches. How do men feel about penis size? If their partners have average or small penises, they believe that reaching sensitive spots will not be possible, or if the dimensions are not adequate, they would not be stimulated effectively. This leads to frustration, unfulfilled needs due to the inability to get off. However, in order to GET OFF and have an INCREASED amount of pleasure, there MUST be MENTAL and PHYSICAL stimulation.

Penis growth – as men worry about their penis size they will try various techniques for enlargement. However, they should first understand how the penis grows. The penis is basically composed of three separate chambers or areas. The Corpus Cavernosum are the two larger chambers on either side of the penis. The Corpus Spongiosum is the smaller chamber found on the bottom and middle of the penis. When sexually aroused, blood enters the penis and an erection occurs, hardening the penis. Most of the blood flows through, and is held in, the Corpus Cavernosum, which is made of sponge-like, penile tissue. The size of a man's penis is limited by the size and 'elasticity' of the penile tissue of the Corpus Cavernosum. The key to penis enlargement therefore lies in strengthening and increasing the size and capacity of this tissue.

Surgery – one route touted for larger penises is penis enlargement surgery or phalloplasty, which uses a laser. It is the most advanced surgical method available for penis enlargement, penile lengthening or increasing penile circumference (widening or thickening). Men who want a larger penis to improve the sexual pleasure of their partner and/or enhance their self-confidence will visit a surgeon who uses the Minimally Invasive Surgery using Laser (MISL) Phalloplasty technique. When a man decides to enlarge his penis he should find a competent phalloplasty surgeon to ensure success without any complications. Surgery can be of benefit to some men, but certainly not all of them. It is worrying that men are flocking private clinics which advertise penile augmentation (enlargement) procedures and make extravagant and misleading claims about their results. Current cosmetic surgical procedures are largely unproved by research, unreliable in their benefits, and may carry the risk of serious complications. Urologists generally consider this type of surgery to be still experimental in nature, and not a standard procedure.


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