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Tuesday, 06 November 2007


We all have preferences when it comes to SEX n’ MEN and depending on where we are in our lives, OUR options fall within three general areas. Therefore I began to consider something a friend of mine said to me in regards to MEN & HOW BY DESIGN THEY ARE NOT MONOGAMOUS CREATURES & HOW THERE IS DIFFICULTY IN STAYING FAITHFUL. So I thought to myself, is it better to MASTURBATE, HAVE F&CK BUDDIES or A BOYFRIEND? I know that when one thinks of finding a partner be it short OR long term, WE are entering a battle zone that involves that HEART n’ MIND.
I am of the opinion that NO one can F&CK you like you, so I do NOT see anything wrong a little self love. Moreover, we are living in a time where MEN are too afraid to openly discuss their HIV status and this alone would make such an activity seem like heaven. However SAFE MASTURBATION is it is a LONELY activity that deprives one of the warm AND delicate touch of another. However the hassle of trying to locate another human to AID some SEXUAL HEALING can be more trouble than it is worth. In meantime MASTURBATION may make SEXUAL INTERCOURSE more enjoyable because you will already know what it takes to please you. Instead of keeping all that SEXUAL energy caged you can alleviate STRESS and RELEASE endorphins in to the system making one relax. However according to studies, the only real problems that come with MASTURBATION are psychological and are the result of unhealthy OR weary attitudes toward doing it or abnormal practices. BUT WHAT DO THEY KNOW? I SAY PULL ON YOUR SH!T UNTIL IT GET’S SORE…L(O)L!
I find that a F&CK BUDDY (FB) or FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (FWB) are the best route to take when one seeks the TENDERNESS and do NOT want any LONG TERM attachments. This is when the fear of COMMITMENT or a BROKEN HEART forces one to take their time in getting back out there. So a FB or FWB place themselves in a position that gives them more than MASTURBATION, however they take on the risk that comes with having sex. Nevertheless, this is GREAT for the HEART because it is in a place of BALANCE n’ COMFORT with an IF IT HAPPENS IT HAPPENS ATTITUDE. This is where that group of SINGLE GAY MEN who don't plan to be in another relationship anytime soon can occasionally date HERE n' THERE. There are going for the SEX, just to satisfy that urge every NOW n’ THEN and getting COMFORT @ the same time. So is it better to have some MAN to GET OFF with?
If the GAY LIFE is OUR REAL LIFE why do WE lie to ourselves about it? Why can’t WE ACCEPT that WE are MEN and need to act like a MAN to be with another MAN? Why do we NOT attempt to change the rules of game? I say that when this happens WE will be able to meet GAY MALES that are good for us. The other options that I mentioned earlier only exist as TEMPORARY things that should eventually lead to finding a GOOD man and becoming each other’s BOYFRIENS. I know that the GRASS seems GREENER with what they represent but why NOT WATER your own yard and cultivate someone that is all your own? Nourishing a relationship with someone that deserves the title of BOYFRIEND can make us look beyond the instant gratification of SEX and experience a SOUL connection. This option gives US HOPE that GOD created US this way; thus HE has provided an adequate amount of MEN for OUR liking. Nonetheless, WE jus F&CK our way through them, ignoring HIS true intensions for us. Why can’t we allow ourselves to find someone special since we are drawn SEXUALLY and EMOTIONALLY to each other?


  1. I think the first one is more sexually enticing. While the second one is very revealing it leaves much to the imagination and promotes fun. the third did nothing for me. I choose number 2

  2. NUMBER 2!

    I would choose three, but it looks a little forced, so def. 2! Isn't that the gay basketball player (not Amechi), he's so fucking sexy!!!




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