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Wednesday, 03 October 2007


MAN IS A RELIGIOUG ANIMAL. HE IS THE ONLY RELIGIOUS ANIMAL. HE IS THE ONLY ANIMAL THAT HAS HE TRUE RELIGION—SEVERAL OF THEM. HE IS THE ONLY ANIMAL THAT LOVES HIS NEIGHBOR AS HIMSELF AND CUTS HIS THROAT IF HIS THEOLOGY IS NOT STRAIGHT-- Mark Twain. The sad truth is that religious leaders of all kinds throughout history and around the world have made the claim of DIVINE APPOINTMENT and GUIDANCE that has, more often than not brought INJUSTICE, PERSECUTION and MISERY to many. The thing is that it is WRONG for any one GROUP, MAJORITY or MINORITY to use RELIGION to FORCE its VIEWS or BELIEFS on others. I HAVE COME TO REALIZE THAT I AM IN TOUCH WITH MY HUMANITY BECAUSE OF HOMOSEXUALITY and NO GROUP or PERSON can ever change that. The CHURCH seeks to OUTLAW apart of my existence in order for me to CONFORM to what THEY feel I should do with my life. The EVIL that they are spreading has left a HOLE in the WALL of SEPARATION that ought to link HUMANITY. Sadly, this SEPARATION is just a blanket disguise of what is really going in our country today; CRIME and VIOLENCE are hitting record numbers and this group do not seem to care. Yet they are ADVOCATING what can only lead to VIOLENCE and this does NOTHING for HUMANITY. It is bad enough that THEY expect each and everyone one of us to die from H. I. V. / A. I. D. S. because it is GOD’s punishment. I would love for someone to tell me where the HUMANITY is in that thought. WHERE IS THE LOVE & THE HUMANITY FOR HOMOSEXUALS? WHY IS THEIR HATE SO STRONG FOR US? Jefferson wrote, BELIEVING WITH YOU THAT RELIGION IS A MATTER WHICH LIES SOLELY BETWEEN MAN & HIS GOD, THAT HE OWES ACCOUNT TO NONE OTHER FOR HIS FAITH OR HIS WORSHIP. This type of RELIGIOUS BULLYING can AND will have DIRE consequences for HUMANITY. Pity all this nonsense got started because ONE LESBIAN decided to ask for a channel that is reflective of what she feels as a HUMAN. Now it has taken a life of its own and shown itself in the form of censorship. Something that is CRAZY because we do LIVE in DEMOCRACTIC country and WE do PARTICIPATE in the COUNTRY’S DEVELOPMENT; it is OUR HUMAN right. I GUESS I SHOULD FUCK ALL THE ASS & SUCK AS MUCH D!CK THAT COMES MY WAY BECAUSE THEY CHALLENGING MY SEXUALITY? NONETHELESS, I LOVE THIS SH!T. I LOVE THAT SOMEONE DECIDED THAT SHE WOULD NOT BE DOCILE & ALLOW A GROUP OF TYRANTS TO MAKE RETREAT QUIETLY. I AM SO HAPPY TO KNOW THAT THEY DO NOT MAKE ANY NOISE UNLESS WE STAND UP FOR OURSELVES, AFTER ALL WE TOO SINFUL TO HAVE A VOICE. Oddly enough, these VERY same MEN molest little boys, leave semen stains on the souls of young girls, and hide behind their HUMANITY. In contrast the MAJORITY of HOMOSEXUALS place priority on GETTING THE NEXT ASS or SUCKING AS MUCH D!CK rather than SECURING THEIR RIGHTS TO HUMANITY. Most of them live as if BEING GAY IS A CRIME, sneaking around in the dead of night; hoping they are not caught. IT IS RATHER SAD THAT THEY DO NOT GET TO BE HUMANS BECAUSE OF THEIR SEXUAL IDENTITY. WHAT IS EQUALLY SAD IS THAT THEY DO NOT SEEM TO WANT THEIR HUMANITY.


  1. Yes, religions were causing very serious situations where human did not know what to think. Our faith must always be in God. Who beside God can call him a judge. Tyrany is the worst reaction which is used by human though the religions to confirm what you expressed in your fantastic article. Religions by extremists are destroying what God had established.

  2. The truth expressed in your article is the major feeling that each one of we have and hesitate to write. God is the only Judge of the Man and nobody has the right to replace God. The religions were always impregnated of totalitarianism being unaware of the depth and the respect of the human being. Cheer for the article and it is quite simply necessary to continue work in order to release the Human one of slavery and the control of the religions

  3. The church feels that the humanity of homosexuality comes from pretending that you're not while singing in the choir or serving as a deacon or devoted member etc. But, if you want a voice outside of that then you are committing the greatest sin. And this is what they use to trap us as well - we feel that we are wrong so we seek penance in church and become imprisoned in an arena where we are constantly degraded and never acknowledge as anything other than deviant and everyone or us present says "Amen"




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