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Tuesday, 02 October 2007


She is unique,
A feminist @ heart.
She walks to the edge of all light,
Willing stepping into the darkness.
She is all she knows,
All she can be.
For her life is divided;
She has learned that two things will happen.
Either she will have something solid to hold her,
Or she will be taught how to fly.
And she has flown so high,
That she has left those that grounded her.
She blames them for what has become of her,
She holds them @ fault when it’s all about her.
For they didn’t ask for her heart n’ soul,
She chose to give it.
Now she needs to find her outlet,
She has such untapped energy.
She has met with triumph and disaster,
And she allowed them to treat her like an imposter.
Pity she cannot accept that she made one heap with her winnings,
And lost from the beginning.
She didn’t do it for the right reasons,
Because she wasn’t praise for her work.
All she feels that I wasted myself,
And she has lost sight of the reason why.
How sad that she can’t seem to not breathe a word of her loss,
She make sure that those she carried pay the cost.
And now she holds on to nothing,
I guess it is her only solice…her peace.
How sad for her though,
She is ignoring her calling.
She did not get that activism transforms from the inside out,
And the order of things are meaningless in her world.
She fights, but only to lose;
And then hate herself for it.
She hates that she has to live in this world,
But she is too much a coward to anything about it;
And she is brave enough to live it.
© tgk

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