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Thursday, 04 October 2007


...GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TOP SITUATION...SEX is a natural expression that touches all living things; and WE are no exception to this rule. No matter what satisfies ones appetite, I am sure WE all can agree that SEX is a very IMPORTANT and VITAL part of our existence. Now the strange things for me is that most if NOT all of us has received more NEGATIVE TRAINING and SEXUAL EDUCATION about the HUMANITY of SEXUALITY. It is well-known fact that most of us place OUR SEXUALITY a distant second to the PLEASURE of the act itself. Hence, I beg to ask when it comes to SEX, how does one decide what they want the end result to be?

Within the GAY community, there are LABELS placed on individuals that dictates HOW and WHEN SEX happens. There are TOPS, BOTTOMS, FULLY VERSATILE, VERSATILE, VERSATILE TOPS, VERSATILE BOTTOMS, ORAL, ORAL TOPS and ORAL BOTTOMS. The thing for me is that these titles are PERFECTLY~IMPERFECT because they are not TRUE and don’t represent us well; they are mere SMOKE SCREENS that mask the UNDER BELLY of this WHALE of a problem WE have created in the name of SEX. 

Now we all know that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL, so what forces come into play when deciding how we want to reach that special place? I FIRMLY believe that how WE have SEX is based solely upon the individual that we are about to copulate with and what part of your appetite that you are seeking to satisfy. However where that is WELL and GOOD, there is still a HUGE amount of us in the community that has the ‘label’ problem. What goes TOTALLY against MY ‘religion’ are the ones that LABEL themselves as being a TOP in every sense of the word when it comes to SEX. If I were to rewind time and look them up, it would not surprise me if I see MOST if NOT all of these MEN engaging in SEX of the PASSIVE kind. I guess there is a WINDOW when SEX is okay to be on the BOTTOM because you are in the exploration phase, but as WE get older the games are over does that mean it is time for serious business?

Those that CRY FOUL or AGONY when asking if they can bottom makes me hang my head in shame. I HATE TO BE THE ONE TO BREAK THE NEWS TO THEM, BUT SEX DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT! I OFTEN WONDER HOW CAN WE GROW AS A COMMUNITY & FOSTER HEATHLY ADULT RELATIONSHIP IF WE CANNOT GET PASS OUR INABILITY TO EMBRACE OUR SEXUALITY AS WE CONNECT WITH OTHERS. If logic were in play then…I do not for one second believes that when SEX happens between two men that it happens simply because the TOP likes to plug another man in HIS ass. As wonderful as it may seem I believe that SEX between two happens because they actually like each other and want to express in ways that ONLY SEX could. However, societal issues come into play and dictates that the PLUGGER is MORE of man than the PLUGGEE. SEX in OUR community simply comes down to SEXUALITY and how it is defined and this is sad because GAY is GAY and there is no way of running from that. How can I be MORE or LESS of a MAN IF I TAKE or RECEIVE A D!CK IN MY ASS? Why does his need to be DOMINANT dictates how SEX occurs? How does his LACK of COMFORT,OPENNESS or RESISTANCE signals how SEX happens? Whether it is because of D!CK size or a MAN that APPEARS to be OVERLY masculine, why have sex with someone that can only satisfy a portion of YOUR or HIS sexuality? 

SEX should start in the mind and works itself outward in the form of action, if not we are abusing it. Far too often, we USE or THINK of SEX as a way of SECURING what seems to be PERFECT @ the time, but if you have SEX and are on the receiving end by default, either there needs to be some other way of having SEX or PRAY for an EARLY visit from MR. ERECTILE DISFUNCTION. WHY HAVE A D!CK & NOT USE IT? This is how WE WRONG ourselves and come up short because WE admit defeat. I am of the PERSONAL OPINION that MOST if not ALL MEN want to get HIS ASS tapped by a D!CK every now and then so why not do it? This one-sided ACTION is NOT balance and trying to do whatever it takes to GET SOME is simply UNACCEPTABLE! WE ALL KNOW THAT SEXUAL AROUSAL HAPPENS COMPLETELY OUTSIDE THE CONTROL OR THE SUBCONSCIOUS. HENCE, WHY DO WE CONSTANTLY ALLOW OUR CONSCIOUS MIND TO FORCE US TO TAKE A D!CK & NOT GET ANY ASS? WE need to UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT that the HOMOSEXUALITY sphere by which WE tend to judge each other on is NOT ok and its consistent denial can only destroy OUR sexuality. WE know of this problem and WE continuingly allow this to REFLECT OUR HUMANITY within the community. I just wish that WE could celebrate OUR SEXUALITY, EMPOWER ourselves and ELIMINATE the need for SOCIETAL happiness. 

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  1. The problem is that mostly we have to have our existance validated by others - so being honest about what we want is taboo & we have to have to use this sub-human façade where what we really want on the inside that which will surly gratify us is rarely reflected on the outside - power to the freaks amoung us - the honest ones




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