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Sunday, 12 August 2007


I AM...EYES: that will always see you for your true self. EARS: that will always be open, listening to hear what you are saying. MOUTH: that will always tell you the truth, give you my thoughts. SHOULDERS: that will be your strength when you can't carry yourself. ARMS: that will always be wide open, embracing, comforting you. HANDS: that will always hold yours, giving you a little guidance. FEET: that will always walk with you throughout life. HEART: To love you for whom you are...SO WHY ARE YOU NOT HERE?

I REMEMBER...We had such a powerful bond that was much deeper than you or I could have possibly imagined. I love how MY BODY could walk away from YOU and MY HEART would always remain. The connection we had is one that I will never forget; from the moment I knew that I LOVED YOU. I know that I had glimpsed YOU before, I always had flashes but I couldn't seem to make out what they were. Then there YOU were; making me do the last thing I thought I would ever do. MY HEART began to give chase like a panther and excitement and joy was all over me. From that moment on I knew that I could not contain MY HEART…WILL YOU RETURN?

JUS' LQQKIN'...I MISS the sweetness of a kiss that ignites the passion between me and you. I MISS the warmth of your touch that always knows how to make me feel good. I MISS the scent of you that always gets me going. I MISS your voice, whispering softly my name. I MISS the taste of your body that is so sweet from head to toe. I MISS looking into your eyes that are so captivating I can’t look away. I MISS feeling close to you, touching the beat of your heart. I MISS the delight of knowing you are satisfied. I MISS that overwhelming feeling, of tensions being eased and released. But most of all; LOVE…I MISS…

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