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Saturday, 11 August 2007


If one was open the door to the other side of the HOMOSEXUAL LIFE, one would come across the REAL persons that are standing in the gap for the community. From the start of the SEXUAL REVOLUTION LESBIANS has been the back-bone of the community; they are the ones that take on the DOUBLE STANDARDS that the world places on women. The things that NON-LESBIAN women cannot do, LESBIAN women can; they are accepted and a desire too many. They can take the GAY message out through the world seeking EQUALITY and JUSTICE for us all. They are the stereotypes that have not faded; they have slipped into something conventional and accepted. The subtle incorporation of butch and femme dualities are now the traditional poles of LESBIAN IDENTITY and this is how OUR COMMUNITY will become MAINSTREAM. We MUST celebrate these WOMEN that play with gender and are accepted. The HOMOSEXUAL IDENTITY is about to cross over in a big way and the day seems not far off when HOMOPHOBIA will get lost in the ABYSS of LIFE.

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