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Tuesday, 28 August 2007


The first thing you need to remember is that a penis is not indestructible. It’s super sensitive, especially in the aroused state, and while it can take a lot of action the penis (or man) is not going to take kindly to too much harsh handling. The second thing you need to know is that teeth are a penis’ biggest enemy. The fear of having ’their penis bitten ’and hurt is always ’lingering in the back of a man’s mind during oral sex. And who can blame us? So be kind and considerate of the male hood. The best way to explain a good blowjob is to break it down into steps. You get yourself to the scenario and I’ll walk you through it.
  1. YOUR HAND IS A FABULOUS TOOL DURING SEX. A hand job is a great lead in to oral sex. You never want to make a tight, clenched fist when holding and stroking the penis. Instead, you want to make an “O” shape with your hand around the penis. Again, never grabbing tightly, but loosely grasping. Slowly began stroking the penis, moving your hand from the shaft of the penis to the tip. Tighten your grip as your hand slides up to the penis tip.
  2. USING YOUR HAND IS HELPFUL FOR TWO REASONS: it is a good start to a blow job and if for some reason you are unable to fully accept a penis in your mouth, you can “fake” the acceptation by using your mouth on the tip of the penis and using your hand along the rest.
  3. WHEN YOU ARE FINALLY READY TO TAKE THE PENIS IN YOUR MOUTH REMEMBER NOT TO USE YOUR TEETH. Pretend you are imitating a person without teeth, hence “gumming”. By doing this you can avoid using your teeth.
  4. DO NOT TRY AND TAKE THE ENTIRE PENIS IN YOUR MOUTH @ ONCE – that is unless you know you do not have any sort of gag reflex. Take a little at a time, sucking and massaging the penis with your tongue. When you are ready, go down a bit further. Once you have perfected your blow job techniques you will be able to suck on the penis while massaging and caressing the penis with your tongue. It really can be a mouthful a first.
  5. LICKING THE BOTTOM SIDE OF THE PENIS, CLOSE TO TESTICLES WITH JUST A TIP OF THE TONGUE IS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. Flicking that area with the tongue is highly stimulating for the male. Gently suck on your partner’s balls. (THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE).
I find that a combination of all of these techniques results in a fabulous oral romp with my partner. A bit of #1, then #5, back to #1…#5, #5, #5….it’s your decision. Good Head oral gel comes in different flavors and can make performing fellatio a bit tastier.

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