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Wednesday, 29 August 2007


When you meet a dude face-to-face, you can quickly determine whether he's worthy of your heart. There's the way he expresses himself, as well as how he carries himself (not to mention the chemistry). You can tell immediately whether his body language is shifty or open. With online dating, however, it's much harder to judge. There are many smooth typists in cyberspace.
  1. Something to Hide – “If he doesn't have a photo posted, or his photo is so fuzzy or far away even his mother can't recognize it, or he's wearing big sunglasses that show off his body but hide his identity, chances are he doesn't look like the picture.”
  2. One-Track Profile – You know the type. His profile describes -- and requests -- the perfect man. He must have everything from a six pack to 9 inches of dick to being a thug and ultra masculine. In other words, none of his words are about whether his Mr. Right is well read, well mannered or cares about the homeless. Character isn't a factor as long as he resembles Tupac or LL Cool J . And what sort of activities does he enjoy doing with his homey? Movies? No, no and no. He's looking for sex. Buyer beware.
  3. Busy Signal – He leads such a full, happy life it's too much bother to complete the online questionnaire. Question after question is followed with the answer "Will Discuss Later."If he's too lazy to be thoughtful for a few minutes, it gets my antenna up. Again, remember that this is the courtship phase. If he can't muster the energy to type complete sentences, his inaction might spell P-A-S-S.
  4. Just looking for some Friends – That is, the dude you like and who claims to like you too, but they still spend much of their free time online on dating sites trying to meet new people. I have had that in the past and it's always the same, they say they are just being friendly and making "friends" to get to know.

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