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Sunday, 15 July 2007


My inspirations are intangible yet inseparable part of my creative process. All of my creations are related to the muse that inspires me and LIFE is muse. The ancient Greeks believed that goddesses, who served as the literal embodiment of inspiration, whether artistic or scientific in nature, motivated all creation. These were the Muses—the givers of the creative spark. I rely heavily on my muse to drive the creative process as it takes on many diverse forms and shapes. The people I meet, intriguing ideas, movies, books, nature and cultural ideals all have the potential to awaken my imaginative minds. When my muse touches me, I understand that I am capable of producing MY OWN UNIQUE KIND OF GREATNESS. Many people move through life unaware of the presence of their muse. This lack of awareness can be compounded by the fact that we may have one muse that remains with us throughout our lives, multiple muses that inspire us concurrently, several muses that come and go as necessary, or a single muse that touches us briefly at specific moments. You will know that you have found your muse when you encounter a force that makes you feel courageous enough to broaden the range of your creativity. The presence of this force will erase your self-doubt and motivate you to give your thoughts and feelings form. Should your muse continue to elude you, however, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of falling under its inspired influence. If you surround yourself with people who support you, keep a pen and paper handy, immerse yourself in culture, and brainstorm frequently, you will soon reconnect with your muse. Once you have identified your muse, embrace it by giving yourself over to the creative inspiration it provides. No matter what you are moved to create, you will find that neither fear nor criticism can penetrate the wonderful bliss that goes hand in hand with the act of taking an idea and turning it into something the whole world can enjoy.

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  1. Hey there Kish. Great post. One's muses makes one really go on, like a car gets its fuel... Keep on inspiring us. Much love, Jef.




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