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Monday, 16 July 2007


TELL ME WHAT IS IN A NAME AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU. I find interesting how the words HOMOSEXUAL, GAY, QUEER…brings such a consciousness to us that whenever it is uttered or called out, we answer whether we intend to or not. It last only for a second but in that, second OUR SEXUAL IDENTITY is our own. Nonetheless, we allow these words to bring US PAIN, FEAR, SADNESS, ANDER and DEPRESSION. Why does OUR NAME make us feel INFERIOR and INSIGNIFICANT? So by feeling this way aren’t we not acknowledging who we are and what we stand for? Aren’t we just trapped and made by the world everyday? When they single US out and it makes US feel uneasy we have a shadow that follows wherever we go. We are now too weak to win this war between good and evil and this is crazy because we are fighting forces and elements that were here long before our time. The fact that WE were born, is proof that God has a plan for US. When they call OUR name, do not feel uneasy or scared OWN IT! Let your heart smile and rejoice that they know who you are, the rewards will come. I know that the path may seem unclear right now, but one day you will see that all that came before was truly meant to be. GOD wrote OUR NAME in the book that is OUR LIFE and each day that you WE are living is proof of this fact. I WANT US TO BE PROUD OF WHO WE ARE, OUR PLACE IN THIS WORLD IS IMPORTANT.

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