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Monday, 30 July 2007


…AND SO IT IS SAME OLD STORY; BOY, MEETS BOY HAS SEX…THEN BOY MEETS OTHER BOY and FOOLS AROUND…THEN BOY TALKS TO OTHER BOY & TRIES TO F&CK HIM. I FIND IT VERY INTERESTING WHAT STRANGE BEDFELLOWS GAY MEN MAKE ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE ALL CONNECTED IN SOME WAY. Now the thing about it is that I had no idea that this BOY was a common factor among the F&CK BUDDY, the MUTUAL FOREPLAY and the YOU ARE NEXT ON THE LIST MAN. This all came to light when ALL three of them was out and life would have it that we saw him and it must have been very strange for him, what are the odds that we all would know each other? Therefore, it became evident who the F&CK BUDDY’S buddy was, it was ever so CLEAR who the MUTUAL FOREPLAY person was and I thought wow he thinks that I am next. When I met him it was a typical online chat above board and simple, little did I know that he I had talked with two other persons I could have his entire story; proves that there is so such thing as the DL or JUST BETWEEN US. Therefore, now I am in disbelief because there are things that I know now, the pieces of the puzzle were in place and the finality of it does not produce a feeling of accomplishment. He seemed so lost, so broken…so needing something or someone to be there for him and now I find that he is just a SELFISH ASSHOLE that does not know how to be a MAN. I find it weird or interesting how he saw ALL three men and thought nothing of it, because later that night he met the F&CK BUDDY and fucked him and three days later, he was trying to get himself into my house and ASS. For me this is a situation that puts me in a weird place because I want to tell him off but I cannot because that would betray a friend’s confidence so I have to let sleeping dogs lie. I WILL SAY THAT I HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR F&CK BUDDY BECAUSE I TOLD HIM WHAT HE WAS ABOUT AND IT DID NOTHING TO DETER HIM FROM ALLOW THIS MAN TO GET WITH HIM. They say that we keep company with persons that reflect that which we are; I am here to say on this day, at this hour he does not in any shape, form or fashion reflect who I am as a MAN. He is sad and pathetic to allow such a person use him for what will only be a few moments of pleasure; I wonder if he knows that his time has long passed and he needs to stop using the LIFESTYLE as if it’s only purpose is for a quick F&CK. How lonely can a MAN be? How can a MAN, any MAN allow this to make them who they are? How can a MAN live with himself feeling a sense of PRIDE and ACCOMPLISHMENT? ONLY GOD KNOWS & I PRAY THAT HE TELLS ME! I WONDER WHAT GOD IS THINKING AS HE COMES TO HIS HOUSE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING TO GET A SAMPLE? HOW CAN ONE FEEL GOOD ABOUT BEING WITH SOMEONE WHEN IT WORKS FOR HIM? Why put oneself through this drama that leaves the mere shell of manhood? I wonder how many times HE will ride this roller coaster with him? How long before HE can minimizes the damage, love himself and believe in his own worth? THIS SADDENS ME TO NO END BECAUSE I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT HE HAS A MAN & YET D!CK STILL FINDS IT’S WAY IN OUR CIRCLE…

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