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Sunday, 15 April 2007


Have you ever met or know of anyone that lives above their means? I am sure you have seen or know of persons that places high importance on getting the latest or the best that life has to offer even though they know very well they can’t afford or maintain it. I know that in this life we all want to eat the best, wear the best and get best; but seriously at what cause? Is worth it to say you are living in place that cost more than half of your monthly salary to maintain? When one does this, you place a certain unnecessary thing upon yourself because no one wants to live in a place that is ‘HIGH-CLASS’ and don’t entertain. So what does one do? I will tell you, you buy the most expensive food and drink to go along with the place that you live in. You make sure you have the latest threads because if it isn’t name brand then you don’t have garments that are worth covering your naked body. Funny how this makes me wonder, ‘WHY GO THROUGH ALL OF THIS JUST TO IMPRESS THE WORLD?’ How does this make you a better person? This kind of behavior only lends itself to short-term happiness and gives the illusion that life is great and things cannot be any better. I love how pretend that your life is still fabulous when the credit card is over the limit and bank payments that are due. Tell me, how then how can you fix or meet those requirements that you’ve set up for yourself? This sort of life-style in my opinion forces one to steal and do unsavory things to keep with such a way of living. Persons get ‘THE STICKY FINGERS’ syndrome and earn a reputation that is very hard to shake off. All for what, why is so important for persons to say, ‘WOW YOU HAVE A NICE HOME, CAR, CLOTHES AND YOUR SEEMS GREAT?’ Why do we want to be measured by what we have instead of what we do for the world at large? How one ‘APPEARING’ to have it all makes his/her life better? So this means you are only worth what you drive, eat, wear and live? Shouldn’t life be more than that? How and why do you sell yourself short? On your death bed, what do you want to remember about your life? Will the things you desire mean anything to you in the next few months? Remember clothing and articles alike go out of season and as life changes, how hard is it for you to keep up? Are that afraid of being passed by that you decide that you have to be in rather than out? What consolation prize do you receive for ‘KEEPING UP APPEARANCES?’ this topic was brought on by someone I know, someone I am very close to and though it’s not entirely about that person; this is something that needed to talked about. So the next time you are tempted to swipe that card or ‘BORROW’ money that doesn’t belong to you; remember that there is a price to pay for this lifestyle…PLEASE DON’T’ DARE YOURSELF TO FIND OUT!

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