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Saturday, 14 April 2007


Man doesn’t know what he has in me and I sometimes feel as if my life is in vain. It’s hard to have all of ME and no one to give ME to, it’s crazy and sometimes I just wonder if this is meant to be my fate? They tell me that a smooth road never makes a good driver and a smooth sea never make a good sailor. I have to live with the fact that a problem free life never makes a strong person and all I can do is be strong and waste away. I am courageous, I face life head on even with fear and here I am still. They call me fake and say that I am a pretender, funny how I know that can only come from persons that I am wasted on. Even the persons that call me sexy can’t appreciate what I stand for and my place in this world. Hence I am sometimes call a ‘HOT HEAD’ and ‘CRAZY’, pity if one only knew why those things exist about me and character they would really be speechless. But I hope that they read this take this in, learn how you call me an ‘ASS’ because I would die for mankind, pretend as if you didn’t know that I am STEADFAST and HUNGRY for everyone in this world to have peace in their souls. No matter what is said about me, I know I am sweet and can be the biggest ‘UBER-B!TCH’ on the planet and that is because I am in no way ‘SELF CENTERED’. I am ‘PASSIONATE’ and ‘UNIQUE’ and please don’t take my ‘LOOKS’, ‘CHARACTER’ and ‘INTELLIGENCE’ as to who I am or what I am about; take a look at this man’s soul and you can’t deny that I am wasted on you because you are not ready for what I seek, you are not close to the source…NO WONDER I AM WASTED ON YOU!

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