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Friday, 21 September 2012


What is human freedom? Many may be forgiven for imagining that freedom involves being able to act and think as they wish, but some disagree. Some seem to believe that human freedom can only exist when one submits to some authority which tells them how to act AND think. So when a MAN like me takes it upon himself to defy this “AUTHORITY” AND bring the INCREDIBLE experience of HIS sexuality to them, I know that I STRIKE @ THE CORE OF THIS AUTHORITY! 
I am often baffled by SOCIETY’S reaction to a man such as myself, but I am even MORE mystified by the ones that consider themselves to be GOD fearing AND Christian. This division seems so HUGE that there seems to be NO way of correcting it…OR IS THERE? I SAY HOW ABOUT WE ALL MAN-UP & SIMPLY ACCEPT EACH OTHER? OR IS IT MUCH EASIER TO JUST LEAVE THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE? THE REPRESSION THAT THEY IMPOSE ON US SAYS NO! 

For far too long WE have been having SHAMEFUL SEX that has been called EVIL n’ WICKED, when it is one of the HIGHEST GIFT n’ GREATEST PLEASURE any could ever harvest. Far be it for me to brag, but OUR sexuality is about sharing AND exploring intimacy beyond the density of OUR material body. It is the state of living that WE can fully live in vibration of the soul. It is sad to see what has happened to sexuality over time AND how society has gone on this WITCH hunt for men such as myself. Due to this WE have lost most of OUR cosmic energy when it comes to SEX. Society AND Christianity have turned it into something that is filled with guilt and shame. No matter because I feel that there is a CHANGE in the air; the cosmic cycles are unfolding throughout the universe, which are beyond the control of those that HATE us. The age of HATRED is coming to an end AND in it will be replaced with LOVE. This FEAR of OUR sexuality is INAPPROPRIATE N’ UNACCEPTED. 

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